Actress Parna Pethe returns to the audience with ‘Yes’; When? Where? Read more…

Actress Parna Pethe comes to meet the audience with a different haircut. There are many fans of her acting. Now Parna Pethe is coming in front of the audience through a new medium. Parna Pethe’s film ‘Vishaya Hard’ will be released on the screen soon. The love song ‘Yedam He Man Mazaan…’ from the film ‘Vishaya Hard’, decorated with the real red soil of Maharashtra, has recently become popular among the cine lovers. This song is in the news right now. The Marathi film ‘Vishaya Hard’, which tells a unique love story, will be released in theaters on July 5.

On the occasion of the film ‘Vishaya Hard’, on one hand, Parna’s never seen before prophecy can be seen in this song. Sumit Patil’s acting also catches attention. This song is like an album of memories from childhood to youth of the hero and heroine of this film. The words ‘Yedam He Man Majan, Nahalam Prema, Bavaral, Sawaral Gam Rangele…’ tell the true meaning of love. The song has been filmed by Abhishek Shete and Jay Parikh.

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