Actors should not enter politics… Panchayat’s Prahlad Cha says on Kangana Ranaut’s entry into politics

Panchayat 3 has been released. People who liked this series were waiting for the third season of the series for a long time. Faisal Malik rose to fame as Prahlad Cha in the third season. Clips of his dialogues are going viral on social media. TV9 Hindi Digital also spoke to Prahlad Cha aka Faisal of the Panchayat. During this he expressed his thoughts on many issues. He also spoke openly about Kangana Ranaut’s entry into politics.

Faisal Malik said that he worked with Kangana Ranaut in the film Revolver Rani. He was the executive producer of this film. He said that he had gone to Chambal for the shooting of this film. Talking about Kangana, Faisal Malik said, “Kanganaji is a very good woman. She didn’t come before. Now it seems like he is someone else… I think an actor’s job is to act so he should only do that and not other things. His sister knows me well. Rangoli has worked with us. Worked in the office for one and a half years. It was a good experience. “


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