Accident involving vehicle carrying newly elected MP Manoj Jaranganchi after embracing him.

A vehicle carrying the newly elected MP of Beed Lok Sabha constituency Bajrang Sonavan met with an accident. The vehicle carrying Bajrang Sonvan met with an accident on the Solapur-Dhule highway. Or both people got minor injuries in the accident. Beed Lok Sabha elected Bajrang Sonvan may have gone to meet Manoj Jarange Patil on Tuesday night. After which an accident occurred while going to Bidkade layer in the interim train.

Where the accident happened

Some Muslim brothers must have stopped at Shahgad on the Solapur-Dhule highway to welcome Bajrang Sonavane. Bajrang Sonwane’s vehicle reached Shahgad Pulawar Thambali to accept hospitality. At that time their fleet will be Fortuner and Swift. After Bajrang Sonavane’s car braked, the Fortuner coming behind it braked. Or the Swift car driving behind the Fortuner doesn’t brake. But the driver of the Swift car lost control while braking and collided with the Fortuner car coming behind Bajrang Sonavane. Two people in the Swift car sustained minor injuries in the accident. Only Bajrang Sonavane’s Gadila and Bajrang Sonavane were not injured at all.

Manoj Jarang received the gift of Bajrang Sonavane.

After the election, Bajrang Sonwane went directly to meet Manoj Jarange. His fame is largely due to the movement of Manoj Jarange. Because of this I will be able to defeat Barjang Sonavan and Pankaja Munde. On this occasion, Manoj Jarang Patil said, I am not a politician, I would have easily given a chance to BED MP Bajrang Sonavan after winning the election. The government was not friendly towards the Marathas. Or the Maratha community cast a single vote in the election. The government should wake up soon and take a decision on reservation.

People took automatic elections

I have not called anyone like that in the election. People would have contested elections on their own.
Devendra Fadnavis will never compete with anyone. Otherwise, whatever the Lok Sabha shows, the Assembly shows. If he does not get reservation, he will contest from 288 assembly seats in the state. Manoj Jarange has said that the reasons behind Pankaja Munde’s defeat should be investigated.


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