A three-year-old child hanged himself, then the mother hanged herself

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A heartbreaking incident has come to light in Rajasthan where a mother committed suicide by hanging her 3 year old innocent son. This incident has spread sensation in the entire area. The case is from village Kundla Khurd in Ambapur police station area of ​​Banswara district of Rajasthan. The police have kept the bodies of the mother and son in the mortuary of the hospital. The deceased’s father and husband both work outside, so the postmortem will be done after their arrival.

According to Police Station Officer Kaluram, the name of the deceased is Shakuntala, she was 24 years old and her son is Piyush who was only 3 years old. She took this suicidal step when Shakuntala was alone at home. Deceased’s husband Narayan was working as a laborer in Hyderabad and mother, son and mother-in-law and father-in-law lived in the house. Shakuntala and her son were alone at home when mother-in-law and father-in-law left home for work in the morning. Upon which Shakuntala first hanged her three-year-old son on the noose of her sari and then hanged herself.

A neighbor saw the body

Shakuntala’s dead body was first seen by her neighbour, who was horrified to see such a gruesome suicide. He informed the sarpanch along with the people of the village and the police were also informed about the matter. The police reached the spot and took out the dead bodies and kept them in the hospital mortuary. It is being said that the marriage of the deceased took place 4 years ago during the Corona period.

The woman was alone at home

Police said why the woman committed suicide and the reason behind it will come out only after the arrival of her husband. No one else was present in the house when the suicide took place. Mother-in-law and father-in-law were not at home when the husband went to work. Now the matter will come out only after the report of the husband. Police said when they checked the woman’s mobile phone, she had last spoken to her father. Now only after her father and in-laws arrive will it be clear what she talked to her father about.


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