A singing superstar at the age of 15, the singer lost her battle with cancer at the age of 35, resentful of her husband.

Nazia Hasan, the first Pakistani singer to win a Filmfare Award at a young age

‘If someone like you comes into my life, things will happen…’ The singer of this song filmed on Zeenat Aman was a 15-year-old Pakistani girl named Nazia Hasan. As soon as the song was released, it became popular from India to Pakistan and proved to be a hit. The song made Nazia an overnight star. The song also won the Filmfare Award. Nazia became the first Pakistani actress to receive Filmfare at the age of 15.

Nazia became very famous after the success of ‘Qurbani’. People from India to Pakistan wanted to cast him in their films. He was approached to act in the 1982 film ‘Star’. But he refused to act. Not only this, once Raj Kapoor even approached her to work with Rajiv Kapoor in ‘Hina’, but she rejected this offer as well. He refused acting and opted for singing. Because Nazia wanted to focus on singing and her studies and had no time for acting. Later he sang and wrote many songs, which were well liked.

Nazi upbringing

Nazia Hassan was born in Karachi, Pakistan and raised both there and in London. His father Basir Hassan was a businessman and his mother Muniza Basir was a social worker. Nazia’s mother Zeenat was a very good friend of Aman. It was Zeenat Aman who recognized Nazia’s talent and brought her to Bollywood. Actually, Zeenat went to her friend Muniza’s house in 1980. Then he heard Nazia’s voice and got a chance to sing in Bollywood.

Married life did not go well

Nazia gained a lot of fame and earned a lot of name in her life. He got a lot of love from fans. Nazia’s professional life journey is equally interesting. The story of his personal life is equally sad. Nazia, who earned a lot of fame, was cheated in love in real life. Nazia married Karachi businessman Mirza Ishtiaq Baig in 1995. These were arranged marriages. But their married life was not good.

Death at 35 years

Nazia died at the age of just 35. According to reports, she was suffering from cancer but her husband refused to bear the cost of her treatment. She divorced her husband 3 months before her death. While testifying in court, she accused her ex-husband of physically abusing her and poisoning her. In 2000, the Pakistani newspaper Daily Jung published an interview with Nazia, in which she revealed the difficulties she faced during her marriage.

Said this about her husband

In another interview, Nazia also said that she would rather die than live with Ishtiaq because Ishtiaq has given her more pain than cancer. She also stated that her husband had already had two marriages and this was his third marriage with Nazia. Her husband on the other hand claims that Nazia was his wife till her death.


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