A shocking incident happened with MP Kangana Ranaut, she narrowly escaped death thrice

Bollywood actress and MP Kangana Ranaut needs no introduction today. Kangana has made a strong identity in Bollywood. But she has also waved her flag in the Lok Sabha elections 2024. Kangana has waved the flag of victory from Mandi Lok Sabha seat of Himachal Pradesh. After winning the election with a huge majority, only Kangana’s name is being discussed everywhere.

to contest the Lok Sabha elections Kangana Her personal life has also been a topic of much discussion. There are some things about Kangana that very few people know. The amazing thing about Kangana, who has created a lot of trouble, is that she cannot drive.

To be honest, during the promotion of the film ‘Dhaakad’ released a few years ago, Kangana had made a big revelation about herself. Can Kangana drive? She was asked such a question. Without any hesitation, Kangana answered ‘no’.

Kangana Ranaut said, ‘I cannot drive. I tried to learn, but I could not learn… When I was learning to drive, my car crashed three times. After that I never tried to drive.’ This was said by Kangana Ranaut.

Meanwhile, will Kangana Ranaut remain active in Bollywood after becoming an MP? Such a question is also being raised. Kangana’s much-awaited film ‘Emergency’ is in the news these days. The question of when it will be released in cinema is also being raised now. Kangana Ranaut will be seen playing the role of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the film.

Talking about Kangana Ranaut, Kangana Ranaut has won the election by contesting for the first time. Kangana has won by 74755 votes. Kangana has got 537022 votes. At this time, there is only discussion about Kangana Ranaut everywhere.


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