A mobile local liquor shop, here liquor is not available in the shop but on wheels.

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A liquor operator’s unique car in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh has gone viral these days. Here liquor is not available in shops but in carts. The liquor manager also gave the reason behind doing so. He says that no one in the village was renting out his shop to him to open a contract. He was forced to take this step. Villagers say that wherever the liquor dealer feels like, he stops the car and starts selling liquor.

Villagers say that government department officials are aware of this matter. However, they are unaware of this. No action is taken against liquor dealers. The case is from Durgapura village in Lovedi police station area. The country liquor contract has been approved in May of the current financial year. A contract operator is selling liquor in his personal car and not in any shop or building.

He puts cases of liquor in his car and moves from one place to another in the village. Villagers say that he parks his car wherever he likes. A banner is placed outside the car that says liquor is sold here. Then many buyers come there and buy liquor. The villagers want action against the liquor operator. He said that the government officials are also aware of this action of the liquor manager. Yet they are ignoring it.

The liquor manager told about the compulsion

When the manager of the liquor was asked about this, he told about his compulsion. He said he has got permission to open a liquor shop. But no one in the village allows him to open a liquor vadi. No one is giving him a shop on rent where he can run his business. In this situation, he started selling liquor in his car. The liquor manager said, ‘I want to sell liquor at the shop itself. But no one is willing to rent me a shop. Due to this compulsion I adopted this method of selling liquor.

Department will take action

District Excise Officer Vijay Pal Singh said that on May 15, the liquor operator got permission to open the contract. Due to lack of shops, he is selling liquor from his car. This matter has come to our attention. Selling liquor in this manner is against the law. The department will take specific action against this.


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