A heavenly experience in monsoon, this place is very close to Mumbai-Pune

Monsoon has entered the state. Heavy rain is falling at many places in Maharashtra. If you are also planning to visit somewhere on the weekend, then this place can be best for you. As soon as the monsoon starts, tourists plan to go out. There are many places in monsoon where you get a different experience. Everyone should have this experience in life. One such place is just a few hours away from Mumbai-Pune. When you come here, you will definitely feel as if you are in heaven. So let’s plan to visit this place.

The place we are talking about is Matheran. Matheran is a small beautiful hill station located in the Sahyadri mountain range of Maharashtra. It is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Maharashtra. Mumbai is only 100 km away from Matheran. If you are planning to visit Matheran, then let’s get all the information.

If people living in Mumbai or Pune want to visit a beautiful place nearby, then you can go to Matheran. People come here to visit even in summer. Matheran is a great place. If you want to go to Matheran, then you can go during monsoon. Because there is a different fun in enjoying the rain in Matheran. You will get to see many waterfalls from Matheran. There is lush green nature and fog all around which makes us feel like being in heaven.

How to reach Matheran?

The cheapest and best option to reach Matheran is the local train. From CSST-Dadar-Thane-Kalyan you can catch a local train to Khopoli or Karj. After that you have to get down at Neral station. Taxis or buses are available from Neral to Matheran.

How much is the entry fee to Matheran?

To reach Matheran, you will also have to pay some entry fee. This entry fee is very less. You can also go to Matheran in one day. But if you are going to plan Matheran, then make it for two days. There are also some good hotels and homestays to stay here. Which you get from 1500 to 2000 rupees. You will not have to spend much here. So it becomes a great plan at an affordable price.

Some places to visit in Matheran

There are many points in Matheran where you can go. These include Monkey Point, Panorama Point, Shivaji’s Stairs, Charlotte Lake. Here you can also enjoy the toy train. But this train remains closed during monsoon. If you are tired of walking, then you can ride a horse here. You can sit on it and enjoy the beautiful views.


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