A coin stuck in a child’s throat for 7 years caused trouble when it started to melt, then was pulled out like this.

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In Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh, doctors surgically removed a coin from the throat of a 12-year-old child. The surprising thing about this was that the child accidentally swallowed a coin 7 years ago. He did not suffer much for 7 years. But on June 4, he suddenly started having unbearable pain in his throat and stomach. The family took him to a private hospital for a checkup. There the baby was x-rayed. An X-ray showed a coin stuck in the child’s throat.

Then the doctors performed a surgery on the child’s throat using a telescopic method and took out the coin. According to the child’s family, even in April, he was suffering from pain in the throat and stomach. But then after taking medicine he started feeling better. On June 4, the child had the same pain again. This time the pain was unbearable.

Ajay, father of 12-year-old Ankul, said, ‘On June 4, Ankul told me that he was in a lot of pain. He is unable to bear it. So, we immediately rushed him to the district hospital. There, ENT surgeon Dr. Vivek Singh inquired after doing a throat checkup. Then we remembered that uncle had minted the coin 7 years ago. Is that what is causing this? Then the uncle was x-rayed.

The coin was swallowed seven years ago

An X-ray showed a coin stuck in Uncle’s neck. On Wednesday, the coin stuck in the uncle’s neck was surgically removed by binocular method. This was a five rupee coin of the year 2010. Dr. Vikas Chandra was included in the team of doctors besides surgeon Dr. Vivek.

Family members were careless

The child’s maternal uncle said that Ankul had swallowed the coin when he was five years old. Received treatment from nearby doctors. The coin did not come out but there was no problem. Due to which the family members also became careless. Sometimes he would vomit. Then it will be fine. But this time the pain was out of bounds. Therefore, the coin was surgically removed.

What did the doctor who performed the surgery say?

In this case, ENT surgeon Dr. Vivek Singh said that the family members said that the uncle had swallowed the coin seven years ago. An X-ray showed a coin stuck on one side of the food pipe. It was beginning to melt. The coin was trapped in such a way that the child did not suffer much. But a month and a half ago he developed jaundice. The coin was found when an X-ray was done during a routine checkup. Then the doctor who treated him also informed the family but they did not pay any attention. After he was brought to the district hospital, the coin was surgically removed. It is healthy.


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