40 snakes came out of the house at once, people were amazed at the sight; The family panicked

A sensational case has come to light from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. Here, 40 baby snakes have emerged from a house, which shocked the family members. There was a commotion in the area, after which a forest department team was called and informed about the matter and the baby snakes were caught and released in the forest. After which the people there breathed a sigh of relief.

The incident took place in Meerut’s Saraswati Lok Colony. Jagjit Singh’s family lives in house number C-220 of this colony. According to information, on Tuesday, when the children were playing, they saw a small snake crawling on the ground floor of the house. After this, the frightened children informed the family members about this.

The family was shocked.

The family members were shocked to see this scene when they went to the second floor of the house. The family noticed that there were baby snakes in the house. After this there was a commotion in the family. As soon as the information was received, the people of the area reached there. Meanwhile, someone informed the forest department team about this.

left in the forest

The forest department team made further inquiries around the house but neither the snake nor its cubs were found anywhere. According to him, it is possible that the baby snakes entered through the drains.


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