2 hour discussion with Fadnavis, successful in convincing Bawankule?

Devendra Fadnavis and Chandrashekhar Bawankule

Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has accepted responsibility for BJP’s defeat in the Lok Sabha elections in the state. Devendra Fadnavis is now in the mood to resign from the post of Deputy Chief Minister. Fadnavis has expressed this sentiment in a press conference. After this, all the BJP leaders of Maharashtra are appealing to him not to take such a big decision. The interesting thing is that BJP’s state president Chandrashekhar Bawankule met Devendra Fadnavis at his ‘Sagar’ bungalow. On this occasion, there was a discussion between the two leaders for about two hours. After this discussion, when Bawankule came out of ‘Sagar’ bungalow, he gave his reaction to the media.

“We have come just to have tea. We did not have any other discussion. As soon as Devendra Fadnavis presented it to us, he expressed his feelings. He accepted responsibility for the defeat. He will talk to the Centre. I think there will be no such decision.’ He will express his feelings. I think our central leadership will also not approve it,” said Chandrashekhar Bawankule.

What else did Bavankule say?

“Even if Devendra Fadnavis is in the government, he will be able to reach out to the workers from the booths of Maharashtra and work to re-establish the BJP government in Maharashtra. So he has a very good experience of building a big force in Maharashtra, getting all the workers involved in the Maharashtra organisation once again. He naturally feels that he should start working with the workers again. There should be that enthusiasm among the workers. I think we all need his help. I have no doubt that he will work hard to bring our government in Maharashtra by working in the government,” Bawankule said.

“Devendra Fadnavis’s intentions are clear. It is not that he is taking political retirement. His intentions are simple and straightforward. If he travels to Maharashtra for four months, he can once again bring a big-power government in Maharashtra. For this, there will be a president, I will be there, Ashish Shelar will be there, while we have a core committee, when we are in the government, everything has to be looked after. So can we both do it? It seems so,” Bawankule said.


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