10 Secret Features of Google Maps that will improve your navigating experience

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We now consider Google Maps to be an indispensable component of our life. At this point, Maps is more than just a navigation tool; it can be used to do everything from provide instructions to a well-known coffee shop in a new city to communicate your live location to your friends and family in order to keep them updated. Not everything about this program is as it appears at first glance.

In the event that you are unfamiliar with Google Maps, the following ten features will assist you in realizing the full potential of the most widely used maps application in the world:

It is now possible for Gemini AI to communicate with Google Maps

You can now begin navigation to a specified area using only voice commands thanks to a recent enhancement to Google Maps that was made possible by the incorporation of generative artificial intelligence capabilities through Gemini. Because of the greater integration between these two features, it is now possible to interact with these two apps in a fluid manner, which makes it significantly simpler to access Google Maps, particularly when riding a bicycle.

Configurations for electric vehicles

The process of locating a charging station has never been simpler than it is now if you are an electric vehicle user. After selecting the sort of charger you want to use on Google Maps and conducting a search for “electric vehicle charging stations near me,” the map service will highlight the charging stations in the vicinity that are compatible with your electric vehicle, regardless of whether it is a two-wheeler, a three-wheeler, or even a four-wheeler.

Take a trip through the past.

You may also utilize the street view time travel function of Google Maps to travel back in time and see how a place or location used to appear a few years ago. This feature allows you to see how a place or location looked. It is important to keep in mind that this feature is only accessible in certain instances and situations.

Share your current location with your loved ones and friends.

You can also share your live position with your friends and family by using Google Maps, which is a useful function, particularly when you are traveling to a new region. You have the option of sharing the live location for a predetermined amount of time or for an indefinite amount of time, in which case you will need to manually disable it in order to stop sharing your location information. You should be aware that the battery life of your smartphone will suffer as a result of using this feature.10 Secret Features of Google Maps

Remember the place where your vehicle is parked.

While it is difficult to locate parking spots in most modern cities, it is also difficult to remember where we park our automobiles. This is especially true if the neighborhood is similar to other neighborhoods in their appearance. You are able to mark the precise GPS location of your vehicle by utilizing the Save Your Vehicle Parking location option. This makes it simple to determine the location of the car or bike when you return to the parking lot.

Obtain information on the weather

You are now able to obtain real-time weather information of your location directly from the Maps app. This information includes the air quality index. As of recently, Google Maps has begun providing weather forecasts, making it much simpler for travelers to make appropriate preparations.

    The indoor live view

    These days, it is pretty simple to become disoriented in a large shopping mall or an airport. However, with the indoor live view, you will be able to quickly navigate and search for that particular store or your boarding gate with simplicity. It is important to note that this capability is now restricted to a little more than 10,000 locations, which includes major airports as well as well-known shopping malls and complexes in nations such as the United States.

    Navigation in offline mode

    As an additional function, Google Maps enables users to download the map of a particular city for the purpose of facilitating easy navigation. This is a tool that may be extremely helpful, particularly if you want to travel to a new location where the network may be spotty. It is possible to navigate in real time without encountering any problems when using offline maps.

    Determine where you will be working and where you will be living.

    There is a lot of inconvenience associated with traveling during peak hours; thus, you may utilize Google Maps to locate the quickest routes that have less traffic with only a click. If you make sure to set your home and office addresses in the Maps app, it will automatically choose the most efficient route for you to take when you leave your house or office.

    Explore new locations with the help of artificial intelligence

    A feature that will soon be available on Google Maps will make it much simpler for users to find new locations. This feature is currently available to a few of users. You may now ask Google Maps questions about new locations to party, places to purchase for home appliances, and other topics, and Maps will provide you with an AI-generated summary to assist you in selecting the most suitable alternative.

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