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Youth dies due to snake bite…Retaliated for the bite, killed the snake by biting him thrice

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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You must have seen the revenge of Nag Naagin in movies. But what happens when a man takes revenge on a snake? Yes, this is absolutely true. Such a case has come to light from Bihar’s Nawada. Here, the work of laying the railway line is going on in the forest area of ​​Rajauli police station area. After working late into the night on Tuesday, all the workers were sleeping in their base camp. Meanwhile, Santosh Lohar, a resident of Panduka in Latehar district of Jharkhand, was bitten by a snake. After this incident, Santosh caught the snake and bit it three times, due to which the snake died.

Santosh said that there is a trick in his village that if a snake bites, it should be bitten three times. Due to this, snake venom will not have any effect. Following this superstition, Santosh cut the snake. Due to which the snake died. The friends then admitted Santosh to the sub-divisional hospital. The condition of the youth is out of danger. After this incident, it has become a topic of discussion among other laborers present at the base camp. He says that snakes are not poisonous. Only then Santosh’s life was saved. Otherwise anything untoward may happen.

What to do if a snake bites?

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Doctors say to seek medical help immediately if you are ever bitten by a snake. Remove rings and watches before swelling begins. If possible, photograph the snake from a safe distance. Identifying the snake can help in treating a snake bite. Do not drive yourself to the hospital. Because a person suffering from snakebite feels dizzy. He may faint.

What not to do in case of snake bite?

Do not pick up the snake or try to trap it. Never touch a poisonous snake, not even a dead snake or its severed head. Do not cut the wound with a knife or cut it in any way. Do not even try to inhale the poison. Do not apply ice to the wound and do not submerge the wound in water. Do not drink alcohol to relieve the pain. Do not take painkillers. Do not use electric shocks, besses or witchcraft.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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