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You brought shame to Eknath Shinde; Ajitdada Gatchaya took the news of Ramdas Kadam.

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Shinde may have resented Gatache leader Ramdas Kadam for appointing Ajit Pawar as Chief Minister. If Ajitdada had come late, you would have got 9 ministerial posts, said Ramdas Kadam. Ramdas Kadam Yachan Hai Vidhan Ajitdada Gatala Changlanch Joblam Ahe. Ajitdada Gatta leader Umesh Patil has been vocal about Ramdas Kadam. What would you do if you were given the honor of giving a speech? We did not hesitate to listen. Anant Geete has got a lead in your constituency. You have brought shame to Eknath Shinde, Umesh Patil has made such a loud noise.

Umesh Patil has started a media interaction with Ramdas Kadam. We will hear nothing. This is the strength of Ajit Pawar’s nationalism. Majority of BJP and Shiv Sena should think twice on cooperation with Ajit Pawar. Sunil Tatkare would have been MP from Rayagada. This would be a natural awareness, but neither Ramdas Kadam nor anyone else has contributed to making the song dance this way. On the contrary, Thackeray Gatala is ahead in your constituency. You have brought shame to Shinde Chich, Umesh Patil has made such a noise.

Like a minister

Dapoli is the constituency of Ramdas Kadam. His son is an MLA there. There are endless songs in that place. It is true that more than 8 thousand 432 votes were received from Dapoli-Khed Madhu. So Chief Minister Ramdas Kadam’s tongue should be restrained. A group should follow Ramdas Kadam’s restrained role, but without saying anything, Ramdas Kadam’s merit is wrong and today he is a minister, so did Tolahi Umesh Patil.

Your eligibility…

Ramdas Kadam used abusive words. Must have great coordination. Union’s role should be realistic. Ramdas is taking an irresponsible law knowing that it is my role to stay with Mahayuti. Your merit is as much as the Chief Minister has given you that merit. That is why the Chief Minister did not make you a minister, he made a fuss.

Keep sweets aside

Chief Minister Ramdas Kadam should be given the sense to speak responsibly. The Chief Minister should stand next to the dessert and hold the bananas. He warned that otherwise the milk will not go stale. Ajit Pawar’s news is going viral. All kinds of talks are being started from friendly parties that Ajit Dada may be given an important role, this suspicion has been raised, needless to say Ajit Pawar will suffer, which was discussed in the Delhi meeting itself and he said this. was It is obvious.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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