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Yogi’s big announcement: You will now get the benefit of over Rs 1 lakh in free electricity plan

Sagar Patel

By Sagar Patel

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Yogi government offers more benefits thanks to free electricity plan

Big news has emerged related to Chief Minister Surya Ghar’s free electricity scheme. The UP government has announced that it will provide additional subsidy to the subsidy received from the central government. These additional benefits are being provided by the UP government to the people of the state. Let us know how much this decision taken under the leadership of the Yogi government will benefit the general public.

The government gave information.

Information about this has been published on the official page X of the Yogi government. It has been said in the publication that ‘PM Surya Ghar Free Electricity’ scheme is being operated to provide relief to common people from electricity bills. The Central Government and UP Government are also offering subsidies to residential consumers for installing rooftop solar plants of 2 KW, 3 KW, 4 KW and 5 KW.

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The post said that apart from the subsidy given by the Central Government, a separate subsidy of Rs 30,000 will be given. This means that a total subsidy of Rs 90,000 will be available for 2KW. While for 3, 4 and 5 KW, the central government offers a subsidy of 78 thousand rupees, on which the state government will give an additional subsidy of 30 thousand rupees, thus the total amount will become 1 lakh 8 thousand rupees.

What is Surya Ghar Yojana?

PM-Surya Ghar Yojana is a scheme run by the Government of India, which aims to install solar panels on the roofs of 1 crore houses, which will provide free electricity. If you install solar panels on the roof of your house under this scheme, the government will provide a subsidy of up to Rs 78,000 in different categories to the beneficiaries. Its purpose is to allow people to install solar panels and meet their energy needs. With this, the general public will save Rs 18,000 annually and the government’s dream of having green energy will soon come true.

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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