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Wow lover! ‘Marry Me’ was found written on the hoarding of the municipality for marriage.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A strange way of expressing love

‘Our love is little show love, Khuloos-e-dil hai koi istihar little hai…’ When the famous Urdu poet Zamiruddin Sajid penned these words, he did not even think about the way to love and show. change in the future. Today is the age of advertisements so it is only natural that there is a little bit more showing of love otherwise there are thousands of buyers in Dil Ghalib’s market… say what you are worth and the calculation is done.

From Kannauj, the city of perfume, such a strange incident has come to light that the love of this lover is being discussed everywhere. To get his love back, the lover expressed his love on the big hoarding of the municipality. Premi has put up not a small hoarding but a huge hoarding which is put up along the road in the main area of ​​Kannauj. Seeing this, every citizen passing by is saying that Ashiki is also appearing on hoardings these days.

The condition of the heart is written on the hoarding

The entire case is against the power house of Makarand Nagar area. A big hoarding was put up here by the municipality but suddenly a stranger narrated his love story on that hoarding. The hoarding read ‘Marry Me…Aishwarya’. This eccentric lover proposed to his girlfriend on the hoardings put up in front of everyone. He wrote in English that ‘I have been yours since the day I first saw you, I promise you that I will be with you till my last breath, no matter what happens’.

Police removed the hoarding

This hoarding was also put up by this anonymous lover in a place where there is high traffic. Everyone coming and going on the main road near the Chief Medical Officer’s office near Power House must see that hoarding at least once. It is not yet known when this hoarding was put up, how it was put up and who put it up. But this hoarding is now being discussed in the entire district as to who is the lover who expressed his love in this way. Now that the matter has come to the attention of the police, the police have immediately removed this hoarding and started investigating the matter.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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