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Woman returns home after 8 days, beaten by people, commits suicide by consuming poison out of shame

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A case has come to light from West Bengal which has once again brought to light the fact that women somewhere in the country are still helpless before the society. A similar thing happened to a housewife in Phulbari village of West Bengal, who was so punished by the society that she was forced to commit suicide out of shame.

The case is from Phulbari area of ​​West Bengal, where Savita Burman, wife of local resident Tapas Burman, went missing 8 days ago. Savita fell in love with a married young man of the area, after which she wanted to live with him and left the house with him without telling anyone in the house.

The husband filed a missing complaint

After the sudden disappearance of his wife, Tapas Barman filed a missing complaint at the New Jalpaiguri police station. After which nothing was heard from the wife for 8 days. But after 8 days, Savita Devi herself called her husband. Savita calls her husband Tapas Burman and says that she is in trouble and he should come and take her.

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Women beat their husbands

After talking to his wife on the phone, Tapas Burman brought his wife home. But he left his wife at her mother’s house. Meanwhile, Tapas Barman reported the entire matter to Malti Rai, Panchayat of the area. Then a meeting was to be held in the Panchayat office regarding this matter. However, even before the meeting, some women of the area asked Tapas and his wife to come out. As soon as Tapas Babu and his wife came out, the women beat them both. One of them was Swapna Adhikari.

He committed suicide by eating poison out of shame

After this action, Tapas Babu complained about the women. When Savita Devi could not bear this insult and committed suicide by consuming poison. Although there has been no statement from the local Panchayat Malti Rai in this matter, the husband of deceased Savita Devi and her family members have demanded strict punishment to the culprits.

Input by- Ravi Dutta

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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