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Will you join hands with BJP? What is the biggest statement of Sanjay Raut?; He said, our hands are impure…

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Former Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and Deputy Chief Minister of the state Devendra Fadnavis met in Vidhan Bhavan yesterday. Both travelled by lift. Both asked each other questions. The meeting lasted for about five minutes. After this, senior BJP leader Chandrakant Patil met Uddhav Thackeray and gave him chocolate. So will Uddhav Thackeray join the Mahagathbandhan? Such discussions have started. Although Uddhav Thackeray has put an end to these discussions yesterday, but these discussions are still going on today. Thackeray faction leader Sanjay Raut has answered it in one sentence. We will not defile our hands. Sanjay Raut has made it clear that he will not go with BJP under any circumstances.

Sanjay Raut spoke to the media. This time he has put an end to the discussions of going with BJP. In Delhi, often the Prime Minister and the Union Home Minister are also in our lift. The system in Maharashtra’s Vidhan Bhavan is such that one has to travel in the lift together. You have to go to the same hall. If two leaders come face to face, then it is customary to salute. If each other is greeted as per that courtesy, then there is no need to draw any political meaning from it. We will not shake hands with BJP again under any circumstances. Sanjay Raut made it clear that we will not dirty our hands.

Candidates of all three parties will be elected

Sanjay Raut also expressed his reaction on the Legislative Council elections. I will not be negative about this. Shekap leader brother Jayantrao Patil is our ally. Shiv Sena does not agree that Shekap did not support us. Shekap helped us in many places in Raigad and Hingoli or wherever they had power. Durdev was defeated at some places. We will not put its burden on other constituent parties. Jayantrao Patil will also be elected to the Legislative Council. At the same time, Uddhav Thackeray said that we are giving a candidate and he will be elected. Raut said that we are creating such a structure.

Blown budget

Today is the state budget. He also commented on it. The state budget is already crumbling. This government has broken it.’ Information about this budget has appeared in some newspapers. No matter how many announcements the government makes, nothing will happen. Modi government had made many announcements before coming to power. But the people of the state did not accept them. What will they accept? Sanjay Raut played such a trick.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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