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Will the Akhilesh-Rahul duo remain intact in the by-elections? Congress is demanding seats not only in western UP but also in Purvanchal

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Rahul Gandhi, Akhilesh Yadav (File Photo)

In Uttar Pradesh, the SP and the Congress together managed to defeat the BJP politically in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. It is now the turn of by-elections for 10 assembly seats in UP, of which 9 seats have fallen vacant due to MLAs being elected as Lok Sabha MPs, while Kanpur’s Sisamau seat has fallen vacant due to the resignation of MLA Irfan. Solanki. The political chemistry between UP’s two boys Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav is very good, which can be seen in the bypolls as well. Congress plans to contest by-elections in West UP and Purvanchal Pradesh seats, but will SP agree?

Among the 10 UP seats where by-elections have been held are Karhal, Mirapur, Kher, Phulpur, Mazwa, Kundarki, Ghaziabad, Katehari, Milkipur and Sisamau seats. Out of these 5 assembly seats are vacant for SP quota and 3 seats for BJP. Apart from this, one seat belongs to RLD and one seat belongs to Nishad Party. This by-election is very important for both NDA and Bharat Gatbandhan. In such a situation, both the alliances are trying to capture each other’s seats, but before that the seat sharing is not less important.

Congress has demanded four seats

Congress is also demanding seats from SP in the by-elections, the agreement on how many seats will be decided only in the meeting of the top leadership of both the parties. Congress is continuously claiming in the assembly by-elections to be held on 10 seats of UP. It is believed that the SP may give the Ghaziabad and Aligarh seats to the Congress in the by-elections, but the UP Congress has selected five seats for the by-elections. Phulpur, Mirapur of Muzaffarnagar, Kher of Aligarh, Mazwa of Mirzapur and Ghaziabad are the seats.

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While not disclosing his name, the Congress leader said that we are not claiming assembly seats won by SP in 2022, but BJP and NDA seats. Congress leader clearly said that we will not contest from Ghaziabad seat. Congress has made a plan for Phulpur and Mazwa seats in Purvanchal. The Congress has made a strategy of contesting by-elections on seats in both the eastern and western regions.

Phulpur seat has become vacant as BJP MLA Praveen Patel has been elected as MP from Phulpur. Anup Pradhan has become MP from Aligarh’s Kher seat, Valmiki’s Hathras. BJP MLA from Ghaziabad seat Dr. Atul Garg became MP from Ghaziabad. Dr. Vinod Kumar Bind, MLA from Mazwan, Mirzapur of Nishad Party has now fallen vacant due to becoming a Bhadohi. Mirapur MLA of RLD Chandan Chauhan has become MP from Bijnor. Congress is demanding only seats held by NDA in 2022, but will SP agree?

Will the SP meet the demands of the Congress?

While the Bharatiya Janata Party has an opportunity to strengthen its alliance for the 2027 assembly elections by performing well in the by-elections maintaining mutual coordination on the lines of the Lok Sabha elections, the SP is in no mood to give away seats accordingly. Congress wishes. SP seems to be working on a different strategy to give seats to Congress in UP. The SP is in a mood to give only two seats to the Congress in UP, one of which is the Kher seat in Aligarh and the other is the Ghaziabad seat. Both the seats are in western UP and not a single seat is given in Purvanchal.

In this order, they are eyeing the Haryana and Maharashtra assembly elections to be held this year. The Samajwadi Party is trying to increase its influence in these two states, for which it wants to decide on a seat-sharing formula with the Congress. SP is keeping an eye on Congress’ strategy ahead of the seat distribution in the by-elections. The party can leave seats for the Congress in the UP assembly by-elections only if the Congress gives SP a share in the Maharashtra and Haryana assembly elections. In such a situation, it has to be seen how many seats the SP gives to the Congress in the by-elections?

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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