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Will Quant Mutual Fund’s office be closed or will investors’ money be lost? Clearly confused, the company answered all questions.

Sagar Patel

By Sagar Patel

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Will quantitative investors lose money? The company responded

If you have also invested money in Quant Mutual Fund, then this news might be helpful for you. Actually, after the SEBI action on Quant, there are many kinds of confusions in the minds of investors. For example, whether they withdraw their money in such a situation or whether they leave it now, will it go under or will the office of Quant Mutual Fund be closed, many such questions arise in the minds of investors. About which now the company itself has started answering.

Quant Mutual Fund has sent an email to its clients. In this, the company has made an effort to answer all the questions you may have in mind. In this news, you will also be able to clear up many confusions in your mind based on the company’s response.

Answers given to these questions.

The email reads: We are writing to provide you with an important update on recent developments relating to Quant Mutual Fund. Following this, answers to your questions have been provided which you can read below.

Has SEBI investigation been completed?

No, this is a regular process carried out globally by regulators to collect and analyse data.

Has anyone been convicted?

No, it is the regulator’s job to collect and analyze data on an ongoing basis. After the initial inquiry, we have not received any information.

Are SEBI team personnel deployed in your office?

We have not received any response since SEBI’s visit and there is no one in our office.

Are your offices operating normally?

We have only two offices in Mumbai (Prabhadevi and Bandra) and both are functioning normally and at full capacity.

Do all team members come to the office?

Yes, everyone including sales, investments, trading, finance, IT and others are working as normal.

Can the Quant MF team provide similar results after this consultation?

Profits are a byproduct of research ability and management style. We better manage risk to deliver better risk-adjusted returns. As we said, we are acting normally and therefore, the performance must be in line with our style.

What is the liquidity position of the portfolio?

As of June 26, 2024, cash and liquid investments amounted to 53.49% of the closing AUM of Rs 88.27 billion.

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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