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Will BJP settle Ayodhya defeat score with Milkipur? Trend of by-elections is giving tension, morale of SP is high

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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This was the first Lok Sabha election after the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya. From PM Modi to CM Yogi, all the big BJP leaders were seen mentioning the Ram temple, but the SP has failed the Ram temple issue by winning the Faizabad (Ayodhya) seat. The defeat in the Ayodhya parliamentary seat has dealt a major blow to the BJP. The BJP is now looking to account for this defeat from the Milkipur assembly seat, which fell vacant due to Ayodhya MP Awadhesh Prasad’s resignation as an MLA, but the trend of by-elections to this seat is raising tension and boosting enthusiasm for the BJP. SP no.

SP’s Awadhesh Prasad managed to become an MP from Faizabad Lok Sabha seat after defeating BJP MP Lallu Singh for two consecutive terms. Awadhesh Prasad won by 54,567 votes. Awadhesh Prasad got 5,54,289 votes while BJP’s Lallu Singh got 4,99,722 votes. Out of five assembly seats falling under this Lok Sabha constituency, SP’s Awadhesh Prasad got lead in four seats while Lallu Singh got lead in only one assembly seat.

BJP eyes on Milkipur seat

After Awadhesh Prasad became a Lok Sabha MP, the Milkipur assembly seat of Ayodhya district has fallen vacant, where the by-election is to be held. Awadhesh Prasad was elected as MLA from Milkipur assembly seat in 2022. BJP wants to equalize the loss of Ayodhya Lok Sabha seat with Milkipur seat. For this BJP wants to win this assembly seat at any cost, for which the search for a strong candidate has also started. The party is trying to field a candidate who fits into the political equation of the Milkipur seat and can balance the score with a win.

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History of Milkipur Assembly Constituency

This will be the third by-election for the Milkipur assembly seat in the post-independence history. Milkipur Assembly seat became reserved for Scheduled Castes only after the 2008 delimitation, before which it was a general seat. Milkipur assembly seat came into existence in 1967, after which Congress, Jan Sangh and CPI, BJP, BSP and SP managed to win here. SP-Left managed to win this seat the most 4-4 times. Congress has managed to win thrice, BJP twice, Jan Sangh and BSP once each.

When was the by-election held in Milkipur?

After the formation of Milkipur assembly seat in 1967, by-elections have been held twice and now the election is going to be held for the third time. Once a powerful leader Mitrasen Yadav was an MLA from here, he became an MLA on a ticket from the Left to the SP. Mitrasen Yadav first reached the Lok Sabha from the CPI in 1989 and won the Lok Sabha elections for the second time in 1998 as an MLA from the SP. Thus a by-election was held after Mitrasen Yadav was elected as MP and a second by-election was held in the year 2004 after his son Anand Sen resigned from the post of MLA.

Awadhesh Prasad became MLA twice

After the 2008 delimitation, the Milkipur assembly seat was reserved for the Scheduled Castes, in the 2012 assembly elections, veteran SP leader Awadhesh Prasad Yadav made it his constituency. Awadhesh Prasad became an MLA from Milkipur in 2012, but lost the 2017 election. Awadhesh Prasad again became MLA from Milkipur seat in 2022, but now the seat is vacant after two years after being elected as MP from Faizabad in 2024 elections.

By-election trend in Milkipur

Mitrasen Yadav is the first leader and Awadhesh Prasad is the second leader to reach the Lok Sabha as an MLA from Milkipur seat. The first assembly by-election was held in Milkipur in 1998, when Mitrasen Yadav became a Lok Sabha MP despite being a SP MLA. After this when the by-elections were held, SP’s Ramchandra Yadav was elected MLA, defeating the BJP candidate Dr. Brijbhushan Mani Tripathi by 4132 votes.

Another by-election to the Milkipur assembly seat was held in 2004, when the then SP MLA Anandsen Yadav resigned from the assembly membership and joined the BSP. After this, when the by-elections were held, SP’s Ramchandra Yadav again became the MLA, that time he defeated the BSP candidate Anandsen Yadav by about 35 thousand votes. Milkipur assembly seat is now going to by-election for the third time, but the trends of the last two by-elections are to boost SP’s morale and increase tension for BJP.

The political equation of Milkipur

If we look at the caste equation of Milkipur assembly seat, the highest number of Yadav voters is 65 thousand. This is followed by Pasi 60 thousand, Brahmin 50 thousand, Muslim 35 thousand, Thakur 25 thousand, Non-Pasi Dalit 50 thousand, Maurya 8 thousand, Chaurasia 15 thousand, Pas 8 thousand, Vaishya 12 thousand around. Apart from this, there are votes of 30 thousand other castes. Thus, if we look at the political equation of Milkipur assembly seat, the voters of three castes namely Yadav, Pasi and Brahmin play an important role.

The SP is winning this seat with the help of the Yadav-Muslim-passi equation, while the BJP has managed to win by combining the upper caste votes with the Dalit votes. Since Milkipur became a reserved seat, the SP has won it twice and the BJP once. Awadhesh Prasad is winning from SP while Baba Gorakhnath was elected from BJP in 2017. In the 2022 elections, Awadhesh Prasad of SP got 103,905 votes and Gorakhnath of BJP got 90,567 votes. SP managed to win this seat by 13,338 votes.

Political friction between SP and BJP

Avadhesh Prasad, who hails from the Pasi community, has now become the MP from Ayodhya and has vacated the Milkipur seat. The bypolls will once again see a political clash between the SP and the BJP, but the way the SP got a lead in the Milkipur assembly seat in the Lok Sabha polls has increased the tension for the BJP. In Milkipur, BJP got 87879 votes while SP got 95612 votes. In this way SP got a lead of about 8 thousand votes. Apart from this, given the way SP is winning in the by-elections, is it not easy for BJP to match Ayodhya defeat?

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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