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Wife became unfaithful as she became an accountant, carpenter told husband – ‘There is no match between you and me’

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Neeraj and Richa will get married in Jhansi

The case of Jyoti Maurya in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh is now old. A new case has come to light in Jhansi. Here some time ago a girl had a love marriage with a carpenter. In order not to be separated from her husband, the girl never went to her maternal uncle’s house. However, she continued to prepare for the pageant while staying at her in-laws’ house. Meanwhile, he got selected in the accountant exam.

Now the girl has made it clear to her carpenter husband that you are no match for me. You find someone else. Now the matter has reached the police. The police are trying to reconcile the two. Neeraj Vishwakarma, the victim’s husband, said during police interrogation that he had met Richa through a friend about five years ago. It was love at first sight between the two. For a few days the two continued to talk on the phone and together lovingly, but both did not like to be separated from each other.

The court marriage took place in February 2022

So, on 6 February 2022, the two got married in court. Neeraj said that he used to work as a carpenter, but Richa’s dreams were high and she wanted to study and become something. He also encouraged Richa and pushed her to pursue her further studies by going through hardships herself. Coaching fees paid. Meanwhile, when the form for the recruitment of accountant came out, he himself bought the form from the market. He freed Richa from her housework to prepare for this exam.

Left home six months ago

He even cooked food for her himself. The result of this exam was released last year. When Richa was selected in this, her whole house was filled with happiness. But this happiness could not last more than two-four days. After seeing the results, his wife Richa’s attitude also started to change. One day about 6 months ago his wife left home saying to go to college and did not return. After this he searched for it in every possible place.

Show your attitude as soon as you become an accountant

Also inquired at in-laws house. Not getting any news, he lodged a missing complaint with the police. Now the police found Richa and brought both the husband and wife to the police station. Meanwhile, Richa also refused to recognize him. She said she has now become an accountant. In such a state he has nothing in common with a carpenter. Neeraj told the police that his appearance changed as soon as his wife became an accountant. Forgetting to talk, he even stopped picking up the phone. On Wednesday too, when she reached the collector’s office to collect the scribe’s certificate, he also reached there, but seeing him, Richa silently left from the back way.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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