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Wife admitted to hospital, husband asked father-in-law for money… When he did not give, he beat him

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Son-in-law killed father-in-law

The son-in-law along with his two relatives beat up his own father-in-law at the gate of the hospital in the Kanth Police Station area of ​​Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. Apart from this, the son-in-law also carried out the incident of assaulting the in-laws along with two people. The accused son-in-law’s daughter was killed two days ago, due to which the son-in-law expressed resentment against his in-laws.

Based on the complaint of the deceased’s son, the police have registered a case of murder. Giving information, police station in-charge Kanth said that the case of murder has come up in which the names of three people have been registered on the complaint of the deceased’s son. The police have conducted the postmortem of the dead body and taken legal action. The deceased’s son Mustaqeem said that his father’s name will have to be changed. Badlu got his daughter married in the year 2021 but the boy’s family was unhappy after the marriage.

He asked for money for his wife’s treatment

Every day there were quarrels between the son-in-law and the in-laws. The daughter of the deceased gave birth to two children after the marriage and a third girl was born two days ago, due to which the daughter was admitted to the hospital. She had a normal delivery, after which the deceased left the daughter with her father-in-law. The next day the health of the deceased’s daughter deteriorated. The daughter started bleeding due to which the father Badlu admitted her to the hospital again.

beat with sticks

The daughter was admitted to a private hospital in Kanth, where her health suddenly deteriorated. Regarding this, Badlu’s father called his son-in-law and informed about his daughter’s ill health. After this the son-in-law came to the hospital and said that he needed money for his wife’s treatment. Three people came with son-in-law. When the father-in-law refused to give the money, the fight between the two increased. The son-in-law and his accomplices beat up the entire family of the deceased Badlu. The son-in-law and his two relatives showed dominance and started brutally attacking them with sticks.

The police started an investigation

The son said that after this he ran away to save his life but the deceased could not escape. The headstrong son-in-law along with his two relatives beat up the father-in-law. Susar died on the spot after the incident. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the police swung into action and sent the body of the deceased Badlu for post-mortem and also registered a case against the accused son-in-law and his in-laws.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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