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Why doesn’t mob lynching stop in Bengal? 4 people were killed by cattle in 3 days

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Mob leaching.

The central government is introducing three new criminal laws from July 1. The law provides for death penalty for mob lynching. Mob lynching killings are not stopping in West Bengal despite strict punishment for mob lynching. In the last three days, four people have been killed by cattle in different areas of the state. Due to which the law and order of the state is also being questioned.

The cases of mob lynching are on the rise in the state. Two cases of lynching were reported yesterday. Meanwhile, two such cases have come to light for the second time today. A total of four people have been killed in three days.

For the past several days, incidents of lynching have been happening in Bengal on suspicion of theft. On Saturday, a 47-year-old man was beaten up by a mob at a government hostel in Kolkata’s Bobbazar on suspicion of stealing a mobile phone and a similar incident was reported from Salt Lake. A similar case has come up once again on Monday.

Another incident of lynching has come to light in Bengal’s Hooghly district. A youth was beaten to death on the road allegedly due to an argument here. The incident has come to light in Dwarbasini area of ​​Pandua in Hooghly. Here a youth’s bike collided with another youth, which led to a dispute. Due to this conflict, the youth was kicked hard on the chest. Later he died.

The young man was returning home after seeing the fair.

According to local police sources, last Thursday, Ashish was returning home on a bike after seeing the Bishaharitala fair with his friends. There was an uproar over the mic in the Manasa Puja in Gamukpati area, a little far from home. While passing by, Ashish was hit by a villager. Discussion started about this. It is alleged that Ashish was pulled down from the bike by his collar and brutally beaten. It is also alleged that he was thrown on the road and kicked in the chest. Friends somehow caught him and brought him home. Ashish was having chest pain at night. After this he started vomiting blood and Ashish died on the way to the hospital.

The youth was beaten on the charge of theft

Meanwhile, one more such incident has come to light. Here two people were beaten up on charges of theft. This entire case is from Khatpura area of ​​Jamboni in Jhargram. The incident is on June 22. One person died here after 9 days of treatment. While the other is fighting death in the hospital. Road construction work was going on in Khatpura area. A contractor’s vehicle was loaded with road construction materials. Items were allegedly stolen from that car. In such a situation, the finger of suspicion was pointed towards the two youths. Then all were tied up and beaten.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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