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Why did you kill your father-in-law if you don’t have property worth 300 crores? The killer’s daughter-in-law made a sensational revelation

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Archana and her father-in-law

There is a big revelation about Archana, a class 1 officer who gave the contract to kill her own father-in-law in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Archana gave this contract to her father-in-law not for the property but to prevent him from testifying in the case against her father. This case was filed in the court by Archana’s sister-in-law Yogita. Archana herself has confessed this to the police. He said that the deceased Dr. Purushottam Puttedar has two sons Manish and Hemant. Also has a daughter Yogita.

Among them, Archana is married to Hemant and her brother Praveen is married to his sister-in-law Yogita. Archana said in her statement that after the death of her brother Praveen, Yogita wanted to share in her father’s wealth. A case was filed in court for this. His father-in-law Purushottam Puttdar was a witness in this case. On the other hand, Archana’s father wanted to give his property to his second son Prashant and daughter Archana. In this case, Archana asked her father-in-law several times not to testify, but when he refused, she hatched a plan with her brother Prashant to get him out of the way.

Archana’s father has wealth worth crores

Archana told the police that her father also has assets worth crores. It includes 6 thousand square feet of land in Untkhana area of ​​Nagpur. Archana and Prashant wanted to build a mall on this land. If Yogita had taken her share in this land, there would have been very little land left to build the mall. He said that his father-in-law also has assets worth Rs 20-22 crore. However, earlier it was said that Archana’s father-in-law has assets worth Rs 300 crore.

Archana herself is a millionaire

Archana has also revealed her assets during police interrogation. He said that while working in the planning department, he had acquired a lot of wealth. He himself lives in his palatial flat in Payal Nageshwar Bairamji Town. Apart from this, they have two more flats and a farm house. He told the police that he had given a contract worth Rs 1 crore to kill his father-in-law. Out of it, he gave 17 lakh rupees to the killers. It also includes 40 gram gold bracelet, 100 gram gold biscuit. The police have seized this jewelry.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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