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Why did the airport employee commit suicide by wearing lipstick, salwar and nighty on her lips?, a puzzle for the police!

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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A man working at the airport has committed suicide. His body was found hanging from a fan in a closed room. This man used to adorn women before dying. No suicide note or other evidence was found from his house. This man wore women’s salwar before hanging himself. He filled sindoor in cannabis and applied lipstick. The police are also shocked to see the body hanging in this condition.

An employee working at the airport in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand has committed suicide by hanging himself from a fan in his residence. His body was found in a state of feminine make-up. A makeup kit and women’s clothes were found. All this was brought by the same employee or was asked for by someone. Or is someone else responsible for this incident? The police are perplexed. The police have started investigating the case keeping in mind many aspects like sexual disorder, blackmail and online activity.

Is this not the result of some mental illness? Why is there any other reason behind this? It is being investigated. This incident happened on Sunday midnight. Ashish Chaunsali, an assistant manager working at Pantnagar Airport, behaved like normal days on Sunday. A party was held at his house late at night. Later after 10 pm his nephew and friend of deceased Ashish who had come two days ago went to sleep in their respective rooms. On Monday, his nephew Akash was shocked when his uncle did not open the door even after ringing the doorbell for a long time. When finally he broke the utility door of the neighbor, everyone was shocked. Ashish’s body was hanging from the fan and everyone was shocked to see him in Shri Avatar.

Examine from all angles

The police have sent Ashish’s body for postmortem. Later, Akash and Ashish’s friend Bharat and neighbours broke the door. At that time Ashish was wearing a women’s salwar and a blouse and nightie over it. Everyone including the police is shocked to see him wearing a wig with long hair, lipstick on his lips, and a tilak on his forehead. Since no suicide note was left, the police is now investigating every angle.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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