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Why did Anish’s mother, who lost his life in a Porsche car accident, say, ‘He killed his son, but he should not be hanged…’?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Ashwini Koshta and Anish Awadia died in the accident.

The main juvenile accused in the Pune hit and run case has been released on bail by the Bombay High Court. But the mother of deceased Anish Awadia is not happy with this decision. He said that the judge and the entire system were only looking at the problems of minor accused. But why is our pain invisible? The mother of software engineer Anish, who lost his life in the accident, said that we are very disappointed with this decision of the court. We do not want the juvenile accused to be hanged. But he should definitely be punished so much that he does not commit such a mistake again.

The petition, filed in the Bombay High Court on Tuesday, alleged that the minor accused has been kept in illegal custody. The High Court heard the arguments of both the parties. After this it was decided to release the accused minor. The court canceled the order of remand as illegal. As the minor’s parents and grandfather are currently behind bars, the custody of the minor accused has been handed over to his aunt. The minor accused was thrown out of the observation home after the court order.

Anish Awadiya’s mother Savita Awadiya has reacted after this decision of the Bombay High Court. Said that the minor accused should not have been released. Seeing his problem, the court has let him go, but what about us? The lights of two houses were extinguished due to the minor accused. You tell me, will any mother be happy with this decision whose young 24 year old son has been taken away from her forever. That too due to negligence of others. We only hope for justice. We hope that we and the family of Ashwini Kostha will get absolute justice.

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Know what happened?

Between midnight of 18th May and 2.30 am on 19th May, a horrific car accident took place in Pune’s Kalyaninagar area. The son of famous builder Vishal Aggarwal ran over two bike riding software engineers Anish Awadia and Ashni Koshta with a speeding Porsche car. In which both the bike riding friends died on the spot. People present at the spot caught the driver of the Porsche car. He was beaten and handed over to the police. The driver was intoxicated. Later, a few hours after the incident, the accused in the case was granted bail by the Child Rights Justice Board on the grounds that he was a minor. He was granted bail on the condition that he write an essay of only 300 words.

Released after 33 days

In this case, the pressure on the police and the government increased after the public’s criticism. As the investigation of this case progressed, several shocking things came to light. The accused minor had gone to two pubs and had a party with his friends to celebrate passing 12th standard. For this he also paid a bill of Rs.48 thousand. The remaining bill of 42 thousand was paid by the minor’s friends. No sooner had he left the pub in a drunken state than his speeding Porsche ran over and killed two engineers on a bike. The parents and grandfather of the accused are currently in jail in this case. Meanwhile, the High Court has released the minor accused. The accused has been released from the orphanage 33 days after the accident.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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