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Why Congress could not win all the seats in Haryana? Kumari Shailja explained the reason

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Congress general secretary and party MP from Sirsathi Kumari Shailja

Congress general secretary and Sirsathi party MP Kumari Selja has targeted Bhupendra Singh Hooda in a few gestures. He says that the oldest party in the country could have won all the 10 seats in Haryana if the distribution of tickets had been done better in the Lok Sabha elections. Yesterday, he addressed a press conference at the Jat Bhavan in Karnal and later at the Palace Haveli in Ambala. Also met party workers.

Kumari Shailja said the party could have won all the 10 seats if there had been a credible response to the party high command and no malpractices in ticket distribution. He gave the example of Karnal seat, where Haryana Congress state president Divyanshu Budhiraja contested against former chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar. Kumari Shailja said that at some level the high command was misled and the candidate was not announced on time.

Why Congress lost Hisar seat?

He says that former Chief Minister Bhajan Lal’s son and former MLA Chandramohan was completely ignored in the ticket distribution, when he could have proved a good candidate for the Hisar seat. He said, ‘People were demanding my candidature from Sirsa and their (Chander’s) candidature from Hisar. Although he was not a candidate, he could have won by millions of votes if he had the chance. We led Jan Sandesh Yatra across the state to spread the message of our leader Rahul Gandhi and understand the mood of the people. Look at Bhivani, if Shruti (Chowdhary) was the candidate, we could have easily won.

‘Family members should stop leading’

Asked about the party’s performance and unity in the upcoming assembly elections, he said leaders should stop promoting only their family members and instead work for the party cadre. He said, ‘We will give real feedback from the ground. Me and my politics must end. In a small state like Haryana you bring candidates from outside, don’t we have enough?

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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