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Who will win in Sambhajinagar Assembly? Read the political math; Who will contest the elections this year?

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar Lok Sabha constituency comprises 6 constituencies, namely Kannad, Sambhajinagar Central, Sambhajinagar West, Sambhajinagar East, Gangapur and Vaijapur. Shinde faction’s Sandipan Bhumare got 4 lakh 76 thousand 130 votes. MIM’s Jaleel came second with 3 lakh 41 thousand 480 votes, while Thackeray’s Chandrakant Khair came third with 2 lakh 93 thousand 450 votes. Sandipan Bhumare won by 1 lakh 34 thousand 650 votes. In 2019, Mahayuti’s Chandrakant Khair got 32.21% votes. MIM’s Jaleel, who fought from Vanchit, got 32.63% and Independent Harshvardhan Jadhav got 23.77% votes. This year, Maviya’s Khair got 22.53%, MIM’s Jaleel got 26.22% and Mahayuti’s Sandipan Bhumare got 36.56% votes.

Compared to 2019, Thackeray Group Khairen’s votes have decreased by 9.78 percent. Jaleel’s votes increased by 6.41 percent, while Mahayuti’s votes increased by 4.35 percent. In terms of lead in the assembly, Sandipan Bhumare is leading in Kannada, Sambhajinagar West, Gangapur and Vaijapur. MIM’s Jaleel has taken the lead in Sambhajinagar Central and Sambhajinagar East. Thackeray faction’s Chandrakant Khair could not get a lead in any assembly constituency.

How much lead according to the party?

If we understand the party wise maths, Bhumara got a lead of 31 thousand in the constituency of Thackeray MLA from Kannada Uday Singh Rajput, Bhumara got a lead of 40 thousand 759 in the constituency of Shinde MLA Sanjay Shirsat from Sambhajinagar West, 45 thousand in the constituency of Shinde MLA Sanjay Shirsat from Sambhajinagar West, 878 in the taluk of BJP MLA Prashant Bamba from Gangapur, 68 thousand in the constituency of Vaijapur Shinde faction MLA Ramesh Boranare. Imtiaz Jaleel got a lead of 25 thousand from BJP MLA Atul Saven’s Sambhajinagar East and Imtiaz Jaleel got a lead of 26,000 from Shinde faction’s Pradeep Jaiswal’s Sambhajinagar Central.

What is the result of 2019?

During the 2019 assembly elections, Mahayuti contested 2 out of the six seats in Sambhajinagar city and Shiv Sena contested 4 seats. The alliance has NCP contesting 4 seats, Congress 1 seat and others 1 seat. Out of the 6 seats, Shiv Sena won 4 and BJP won 2 seats. The alliance did not get success anywhere.

In the vote-division discussion, Pradeep Jaiswal of the Shiv Sena-BJP alliance won by 13,892 votes in Sambhajinagar Central. Vanchit got 27 thousand 302 votes here. Sanjay Shirsat of Shiv Sena won by 40 thousand votes in Sambhajinagar West. Here MIM got 40 thousand and Vanchit got 25 thousand votes. Uday Singh Rajput of Shiv Sena won by 35 thousand 600 votes from Kannada Assembly. Harshvardhan Jadhav, who contested as an independent candidate, got 60 thousand 535 votes.

Whose name is in the news this year?

This year, the contenders from Mahayuti for Sambhajinagar East include Atul Save and Sanjay Kenekar. The name of Kala Ojha from Maviat Thackeray Group is being discussed. Pradeep Jaiswal again from Sambhajinagar Central and Kishanchand Tanwani from Thackeray Group are being discussed. In Sambhajinagar West, the names of Sanjay Shirsat from Shinde Group, Raju Shinde from BJP, Chandrakant Khaire from Thackeray Group and Jitendra Dehde from Congress are being discussed.

In Gangapur assembly constituency, Prashant Bamb from BJP, Satish Chavan from Ajitdada faction, Krishna Dongaonkar or Devyani Dongaonkar from Thackeray faction are in discussion. In Vaijapur assembly constituency, Ramesh Boranare from Shinde, Bhausaheb Patil, Avinash Galande from Thackeray faction and Abhay Chichtgaonkar from Congress or Sharad Pawar faction are leading.

In Kannada assembly, the name of Sanjana Jadhav from Shinde faction i.e. BJP is being discussed. She is the wife of Harshvardhan Jadhav who contested the last election as an independent. The names of Uday Singh Rajput Thackeray from Thackeray faction and Santosh Kolhe from Ajitdada faction are being discussed. Harshvardhan Jadhav himself is also preparing to contest the election as an independent.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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