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Who will protect the tigers?, 800 employees of the Tiger Reserve went on indefinite strike.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Tiger Reserve employees on indefinite strike.

The world famous Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh is constantly in the news. Sometimes the death of wild animals, sometimes the death of villagers due to their attacks and sometimes due to forest fire. Now a new case has brought the Tiger Reserve into the limelight. 800 employees engaged in the security of the Tiger Reserve have gone on an indefinite strike. They will not return to their work until their 16-point demands are met.

Crimes such as poaching, mining and illegal forest cutting could spike during the monsoon season as 800 tiger reserve employees go on an indefinite strike together. The employees have been petitioning the management for many years regarding their 16 point demands. The park management has always ignored these employees, while the state government and the forest headquarters, Bhopal, issued orders accepting all their demands years ago.

The striking employees presented 16 demands

The striking employees say that the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve Management is persistently ignoring their demands and orders from the headquarters due to their stubbornness. He says the field workers are tired and protesting due to lack of any kind of hearing. All these have been fighting tooth and nail against the District Collector’s office since June 10 by sitting on an indefinite strike.

Madhya Pradesh Forest Employees Union Bhopal Branch Umaria Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve District President Sunil Kumar Panika said that we have 16 point demands. Only after completing this will they end the strike. Among these demands…

1- Weekly leave: In letter No./Management/3787 dated June 4, 2018 from the office of the Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife), Madhya Pradesh Bhopal, weekly leave was ordered to the forest employees. But till date they are not given the benefit of weekly leave.

2- Bit Inspection Recovery: A forest employee protects the forest and wild animals with full dedication, staying away from home and family in all weather conditions, day and night, throughout the week. But the investigating officer has mentioned that even if no negligence is found on the part of the employee during the beat investigation, recovery is made.

3- Payment of the expenses of the organized National Forest Martyrs Day: National Forest Martyrs Day is not celebrated at the government level. National Forest Martyrs’ Day was organized by Madhya Pradesh Forest Employees Union Branch- Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve- Umaria (MP), the entire cost of which was borne by the union. It was said by the then authorities that the expenses would be paid later, but till date it has not been done.

4- Petrol/Bike Permit: Petrol/bikes are not allowed to employees posted in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve-Umaria, while employees are made to work using their personal bikes.

5- Priority for employees in free visit to the park: Employees posted in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve-Umaria are not given any free facility to visit the park, while government vehicles are given free facility to others in the name of VIP.

6- Basic Feature: Personnel deployed in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve Umaria do not have basic facilities. The Bandhavgarh administration does not pay any attention to this.

7- Line quarter: The personnel deployed in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve perform their duties in forest areas. Where he cannot support his family. In such a situation, he keeps his family in the nearest city/town. Due to which he suffers financial loss. The Bandhavgarh administration does not pay any attention to this.

8- Salary Arrears/Arrears of Payment: Many times, when employees apply for arrears of salary/arrears, it is granted with great delay.

9- Form no. 16: The demand of the employees that they should get Form no. 16 is not given every year, this form should be given to them every year.

10- Omission of Confidential Report: Due to loss of confidential reports of employees/transferred employees posted in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, employees are not getting promotion/time scale pay.

11- Missing Katautre: No money is given on missing cuts by Bandhavgarh administration.

12- Second copy of service book: No certified second copy of service book has been issued to any employee till date.

13- Second copy of passbook book: Till date, no employee recruited before 2007 has been issued a second copy of passbook.

14- PT Allowance and Ration Allowance: PT Allowance and Ration Allowance are not available for the entire year.

15- Salary of Skilled Workers to Security Personnel: Due to lack of Scrutiny committee meeting for payment of merit pay security personnel are not getting merit pay.

16-Shortage of Security Personnel: Incidents of human injuries/fatalities due to aggressive wild animals are on the rise in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Employees have also been injured in this attack. The Bandhavgarh administration is paying no attention to address the shortage of security personnel.

Reported by Surendra Tripathi/

Nita Yadav

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