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Who is the innocent baba whose dead bodies were strewn after the stampede at his satsang?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Self proclaimed saint Bhole Baba

The death toll in the accident that occurred during the satsang of Swayambhu Sant Bhole Baba in Phulwarai, Hathras continues to rise. Hundreds of followers of Bhole Baba were present in this satsang. It is being said that several dozen people have also been injured in this accident. In such a situation it is necessary to know who this innocent baba is who organized this satsang. This has been answered by Bhole Baba himself in a conversation with a media house. He said that he was originally a resident of Patiali village in Kanshiram Nagar.

Earlier he joined the Uttar Pradesh Police, but after 18 years of service, he takes VRS and lives in a hut in his own village and travels across Uttar Pradesh and nearby states teaching people the lesson of devotion to God. Bhole Baba himself says that in his childhood he used to farm with his father. He joined the police as a young man. Besides a dozen police stations in the state, he has been posted in the Intelligence Unit.

According to Sant Bhole Baba there is no guru in his life. After taking VRS, he had a sudden encounter with God and from that time he started leaning towards spirituality. By the inspiration of God, he came to know that this body is a part of God. After this he decided to dedicate his entire life to human welfare. Sante Bhole Baba claims that he himself does not go anywhere, but devotees call him. He said that he is constantly traveling to different places and holding meetings on the request of devotees.

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Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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