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Who is Kripashankar Kannaujiya? By one of his mistakes, he became a constable from DSP

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Demoted after being caught with a lady constable

Kripashankar, who became a constable from the DSP of Uttar Pradesh, has now become a constable again. He was caught along with a lady constable at Kripashankar Hotel in Kanpur. Caught up with a lady constable, he is now taken to the same place where his job journey started. One of his mistakes took him back to where his career began.

Actually, Kripashankar was posted as DSP in Bighapur circle. After work, he left to return home, but did not reach home on time. His wife complained to the SP of Unnao for not reaching home on time. The SP put DSP Kripashankar’s phone on surveillance, due to which his location was known. His location was a hotel in Kanpur, where on arrival he was found in a room with a lady constable.

Demoted and reconstituted Constable

DSP Kripashankar Kanaujia was promoted from constable to inspector after passing the departmental examination. After appearing in the then departmental examination, he was posted to the post of inspector. After working as Inspector for some time, he was made RI and then promoted to the rank of CO, but due to one of his mistakes, he was sent to Gorakhpur PAC. So far he has not joined as a constable.

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Kripashankar is originally from Deoria. When he did not reach home on time, his wife complained to the SP and when the investigation was found to be true, the DGP suspended him. He was found to be behaving against the departmental image, due to which this action was taken against him. He has now been assigned to the 26th Corps team.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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