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While the mother was killing the three brothers one after the other, the fourth thus saved his life

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A murderous mother took the lives of three children

In UP’s Auraiya, the police have made a major revelation in the case of a Kalayugi mother killing her three children. Police said that the accused woman took this step in love with her cousin. The brothers-in-law refused to accept the children and bear the expenses, so the woman committed this horrific incident. The woman went to the river bank with her four children. He first strangled the two children and then drowned them in water. A third child was also thrown, resulting in the death of three children.

The woman’s fourth child pretended to be dead, saving her life. Police have arrested a mother and her cousin brother-in-law who killed her three children while solving the case. After the death of her husband, the woman had an affair with her cousin brother-in-law. Explaining the incident, the Superintendent of Police said that on June 27, 2024, information was received about the dead bodies of two children on the banks of Sengur river near Talepur village.

The child saved his life by being clever

Police said that investigation of the case revealed that the 8-9-year-old child survived. The child said that he has four brothers. Taking all this, their mother and their cousin uncle reached the river bank and drowned the three children one by one. The woman killed her own children by burying their faces in water. But the elder son acted cleverly and pretended to die, but both of them came to know about it. The child started running as soon as he got the chance. The woman and the uncle also ran after him but a villager saved the child from both of them.

The police solved the case within 24 hours

After surviving, the person informed the police about the entire matter. Apart from the two children, one other child was thrown into the water, police said. Both accused Priyanka, wife Avnish Kumar and brother-in-law Ashish alias Danny have been arrested. When both were arrested and questioned, Priyanka said that Ashish had refused to bear the expenses of the four children after the death of her husband Avneesh. Keeping this in mind, the woman and the uncle made a perfect plan to remove the children from the beach. The police have solved the whole matter within 24 hours.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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