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‘Which actress makes this application in your Delhi bungalow…’, Sanjay Rautnavar made serious allegations against the BJP MLA.

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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(Mahesh Sawant) “Yesterday Kangana Ranaut went to Maharashtra House and discussed the issue. The administration did not tell them. She left. Yavar Sanjay Rautla Mirchya Zomblya. He is an elected MP. Bankdoors like you have not come” Aashi Tika Nitesh Rane Sanjay Raut Kever Kelly. “How many days did Sachin Vaz stay in Varsha Bungalow when Uddhav Thackeray was Chief Minister? Nitesh Rane wondered when he would give such an answer. “Sanjay Raut, sir, where are you staying, how many days the Bollywood actor stayed, please provide this information. Everyone is naked all the time, don’t talk nonsense,” said Nitesh Rane.

“The drug episode, Nitesh Rane, Sanjay Rautwar made a lot of noise. “Rautala, who was born in Ghazni, did not know that he would be in power for half a year. If your sir was the chief minister, would you not buy drugs? What efforts did you make? Your home minister would have been in jail,” said Nitesh Rane. “Please take care of flying mother. Is your husband’s son involved with drug addicts? Who should visit Rizvi College? The threads of material substance are derived from Mother Varuna. “Kapan Shet Khat Ahe” is Nitesh Rane’s allegation.

‘After Udta Punjab, Udta Matoshree Chitrapat Kadayacha?’

“There is no one else like you. Nitesh Rane alleged that which actress would know about this petition in your Delhi bungalow? “Ujwal Nikam helped execute Kasabala. Only lawyers who have caught countless criminals will sit next to you, Sharad Pawar. Gujarat is the mother centre, Matoshree is the third district centre, this needs to be investigated. After Udta Punjab you made the film Udta Matoshree? Nitesh Rane created a stir by saying such words. Nitish Rane said, “Whether Sanjay Raut talks on drugs or on the subject, Malkachya Moola Badat Anu Navi Maitri’s advice.”

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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