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When will the genie of NEET paper leak finally come out? NTA has not given question paper to Bihar Police yet

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Bihar Police has not received the question paper even after sending a reminder to NTA.

The Bihar Police investigating the NEET paper leak case is still empty-handed. The Economic Offenses Unit (EOU) of the police has not received the copy of the original question paper from the National Testing Agency (NTA) despite sending reminders for the same three times. Investigation is not proceeding due to non-availability of copy of question paper.

On May 5, the Bihar Police recovered the burnt question paper of NEET and its answer remains from the rented flat of Amit Anand and Nitish, who were arrested from AG Colony in Patna. After this, the investigation of the case was handed over to the Economic Crimes Unit of the police. The Economic Offenses Unit has sought a copy of the question paper from the NTA to match the burnt question paper and the reply is pending.

Police have also recovered six post-dated cheques

The Economic Offenses Unit has also recovered six post-dated checks in its investigation. At present, the police is collecting the information of the account holders from their respective banks. In this case, the police have so far arrested 13 accused and sent them to jail. One of these 13 accused is a Bihar government engineer.

Yadvendu could be the culprit of the paper leak

The name of the Bihar government engineer arrested by the police is Sikandar Yadvendu. The investigation so far has revealed that Sikandar is the kingpin of this case. Sikandar is a resident of Vidhan in Samastipur district of Bihar. Earlier he was doing contract work in Ranchi. In 2012, he cleared the Bihar SSC exam and became a junior engineer. His reinstatement is still in doubt. Old records are also being verified for this.

Son and daughter are also doing MBBS

Investigation revealed that Sikandar’s son and daughter are also pursuing MBBS. Sikander’s son-in-law is doing PG after doing MBBS from UP’s medical college. The police are also checking the kundli of Sikandar’s relatives and his friends. Sikandar’s service record has also been poor. He has also been the prime accused in the Rs 3 crore LED scam and has gone to jail due to his posting in Rohtas. Now after coming out of jail he wanted to become Sikandar of NEET.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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