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When there was no ration, the people made the merchant wear necklaces of slippers… went round the whole village

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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People who did not get ration protested

The government distributes ration at subsidized rates to poor families, but the arbitrariness of ration dealers is often exposed. The story of one such village has come out from Jharkhand. Interestingly, when the ration was not received, people made the merchant wear a necklace of chappals and paraded around him. This is the reason why this matter is under discussion. The whole story is from Madhuban village in Gopakandar block of Dumka district of Jharkhand. The people of the village were enraged as the ration dealer did not provide ration here. In a fit of rage, he garlanded the lady PDS dealer with slippers and paraded her around the village.

People alleged that they have not received ration for the last four months. Whenever he reached the shop for ration, the trader would send him away without giving him the ration. Officials reached the spot as soon as they got information about the protest, pacified the people and ended the protest by talking about giving rations soon. Villagers say that whenever they reached the shop for ration, their fingerprints were taken on the machine and the dealer himself kept the slip and sent people away without giving them ration.

There was a lot of anger among the people over the non-delivery of ration, due to which people surrounded the ration shop and protested against the lady trader. He was led barefoot on the main road from Madhuban village to Durgapur, wearing a necklace of chappals. When the anger of the villagers did not subside, they also blocked the road connecting Dumka and Pakur.

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After explaining, the road was opened

When the administration got information about the road jam, the officials immediately swung into action. The BDO and the police station in-charge immediately reached the spot. He assured to solve the problem by talking to the people. After this the atmosphere calmed down and the road became jammed.

What is PDS?

Public Distribution System is abbreviated as PDS. In PDS poor families get food grains and other essentials at affordable rates. Central and state governments provide food grains and other commodities to the people.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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