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‘When there is no chance to feed…’, two pieces of chicken, attacked from both sides with sticks, many injured

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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You may have heard of many big fights by now, but have you ever heard of sticks and sticks being used on a piece of chicken? The latest case has come from Varanasi in UP. Here, a mockery of two pieces of chicken led to a controversy that led to the use of sticks and sticks and more than a dozen people were injured. During the Tilak ceremony in the village, the matter escalated into a fight when a youth lashed out at him after not getting two pieces of chicken.

The family and relatives went to Rameshwar in Jansa police station area to offer tilak to the daughter of Jokan Ram, who lives in Jagatipur Gerha village of Kapsethi police station area. It is being said that many relatives also drank alcohol. The boys were serving chicken for lunch. Most of the tilak people woke up after eating.

There was a dispute over ordering more pieces of chicken

Meanwhile, some people from the girl’s side asked for more pieces of chicken from the boy’s side. When the boys’ side showed incompetence, a young man named Sunil taunted that why did he feed the rooster when he did not have the ability to feed it? At that time no one said anything and after applying tilak the girl’s party came to her house. The girl’s father expressed displeasure at the youth asking for chicken pieces late in the evening and said that this act should not be done at the door of the boy’s house.

Use of sticks and sticks

What happened next, the two sides started fighting and soon a heated fight ensued. Based on Dayashankar’s complaint, a case has been registered against eight people, including the girl’s father Jokhan, at the Kapsethi police station. Apart from this, a case has been registered against six people including Dayashankar on Jokhan’s complaint. An investigation is currently underway.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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