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When the husband brought his stepdaughter, the first wife created a ruckus in the in-laws, then drank poison in front of the police.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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The woman drank poison in front of the police.

A shocking case has come to light in Purnia, Bihar. Here a woman reached her husband’s house. It is alleged that the woman was beaten up by her in-laws. When the police reached the spot, the woman told them that this is my husband’s house and I will not leave here. After this he drank poison in front of the policemen. He was rushed to the hospital. Here the woman narrated her ordeal. Not only this, the woman also accused the policemen. He said that it was on her advice that he drank the poison.

The case is from Gulabbag Shastrinagar. A woman named Mamata Kumari said that she was working in a hospital. In the year 2019, an elderly lady used to come here for her treatment (physiotherapy). Even after 15 days he did not come, he called the old lady. After this the old lady said that she is fine now and does not want to undergo treatment. A few days passed and the woman’s son messaged Mamata on Messenger.

Mamata did not give any answer to this. The young man then started calling her. He started saying that he loved her. Mamata said that both belong to different castes. That’s why she didn’t accept his love proposal at first. But after much persuasion she agreed. The two started dating and got physical between them. Then in the year 2021 she got pregnant and asked her boyfriend to marry her.

The husband ran away with a slap

At first the lover did not agree. But later he agreed. He also got married to Mamta in Astha Mandir. Then he said that he will bring that car. After which he ran away from there. Mamata said that she knew the address of the boy’s house. So he went there. But the lover’s family beat him and threw him out of the house. After which she went to the police. But the lady policeman stationed there did not file her report. Mamata again sought help from the SP. On the instructions of the SP, the police registered a case. The lover was also arrested. Mamata alleges that later the police let the lover go.

accused the policemen

Since then he has been constantly going to the police to seek justice. But no one helps him. On May 13, the young man got married to another girl. When she came to know about this, she reached her father-in-law again. But here he was beaten again. Mamata said, ‘When the police came to my in-laws’ house, instead of trying to reconcile, they started accusing me. He asked me to drink poison. So I got fed up and drank poison in front of him. Of course the police may not admit this, but I have their recording. Because I kept my phone on recording mode. Mamata said that I only want justice. I want to stay with my husband. Because I am legally married to him. In such a situation he cannot remarry.

Allegation of the boy’s family

At the same time, the family members of the youth say that their son was abducted by Mamata’s family. He was forced to marry Mamata. He repeatedly tries to enter their house. However, he does not consider her as his daughter-in-law. He alleged that his son was married on May 13 to a girl residing in Samastipur. He considers her as his daughter-in-law. Whatever Mamata is saying is a lie. Now the police have started investigation in this matter. The truth is finally being known.

(Reporting by Mohit Pandit from Purnia)

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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