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When the bridegroom did not come, the bride called and said, please come… As soon as the wedding procession arrived, a scandal unfolded.

Nita Yadav

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A wedding in UP’s Shahjahanpur has become a topic of discussion. Here a bride was waiting for her groom. But as the night passed and the wedding procession did not come, the bridegroom and his family called several times. He did not pick up the phone. After this, slowly the wedding guests also returned from the bride’s side. When morning came, the bride once again called the groom. Whatever he heard, it flashed through his mind.

He finds out that the man he is going to marry also has a girlfriend. When the wedding procession was about to leave the house, the bridegroom’s girlfriend came there and threatened him. He had created a huge uproar there. Because of this, the wedding procession could not leave the house. When the bride heard these words of the groom, she made a decision. He said to the bridegroom – you just bring the wedding procession. I am still ready to marry you. Hearing this, the bridegroom jumped for joy. He immediately reached the bride’s house with the wedding procession. But the girl called the police at home. He was then handed over to the police. Said that I have been cheated.

The wedding procession was to come on July 4

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The case is of Nigoh village in Shahjahanpur. The marriage of the girl living here was fixed with a boy from Jalalabad. The wedding procession was to come on July 4. But the girl’s family called the boy’s family as the wedding procession did not come till late night. But the call was not answered. After which the guests who came in the wedding procession returned as there was a lot of time.

Next day at 5 am the bride called the groom again. This time the groom picked up the phone. The bride asked him the reason for not bringing the wedding procession. The groom said – we were about to leave with the wedding procession. Just then my ex girlfriend reached my house. She started insisting to marry me. When I refused, he created a ruckus. For this reason I could not bring the wedding procession.

The girl called the police

The bride listened to the groom and said – we will get married. You just come with the wedding procession. I am waiting for you. The groom was happy to hear this. After this he reached the bride’s house with some relatives. But he didn’t know what was going to happen here. The bride had already called the police. The girl told the police – he has cheated us. Arrest him. The police then took the bridegroom with them to the police station. Now further action has been taken against him.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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