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When Bobby Deol reached Italy to shoot the fight scene with Tiger

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Bobby Deol’s fight scene from the movie ‘Barsaat’ Image Credit Source: Social Media

Bobby Deol entered the world of Bollywood in 1995 with the film ‘Barsaat’. He also suffered many injuries during the shooting of this picture. In a recent interview, he talked about this film. He said that he had gone to Italy for a fight scene in the film, where it was to be shot. His fight sequence was with a tiger. He also rode a horse in this fight sequence, after which he fractured his leg.

While talking to Curly Tales, Bobby Deol also mentioned that his brother was not happy with his entry in the first film. Sunny Deol wanted to make his entry better.

A fight scene was shot with Tiger

Bobby said, “My brother saw my entry in ‘Barsaat’ and said he wanted to make the entry scene better. So we went to Italy to shoot the fight scene with Tiger. However, he wanted to shoot the scene in India, but later changed his mind. He also explained the reason for this.

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Bobby said that at that time people in India did not think much about animal cruelty. According to him, when Tiger was brought to the set, his mouth was sewn shut. He was surprised to see this. Seeing the animal’s cruelty, he decided to shoot it outside India. It was later shot in a zoo in Italy where trained animals were kept.

Referring to the fracture in his leg in the film ‘Barsaat’, he said, “I did a horse riding sequence. The scene was shot in London and the accident also happened there and I still have a sting in my leg. He also stated that exactly 6 months after this incident, he started shooting for the film ‘Gupta’.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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