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When bitten by a snake, a young man grabs the snake’s neck, rides a bike for 30 km while injured, then…

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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The young man reached the hospital with the snake.

A unique case has come to light in Mirzapur of Uttar Pradesh. Here a youth was bitten by a snake. He grabbed the snake’s neck and took it to the hospital on a bike. The young man showed the snake to the doctor and said that he had been bitten. Doctors and patients panicked after seeing a snake in the hospital’s emergency ward.

The doctor gave the young man an injection of anti-venom. The youth catches the snake. When a snake appeared in his neighborhood, he caught it. As soon as he got the chance, the snake bit him. He along with his brother took the snake 30 kilometers to the hospital on a bike. This matter is being debated among people. With the onset of the rainy season, there is a sudden increase in snake bite cases.

A snake bit him while trying to catch him

The shocking case is from Patulkhi village in Lalganj police station area of ​​the district. A snake was found in a house late on Tuesday evening. Suraj, a resident of the village, reached there as soon as he got the information about the snake coming out. Suraj has been adept at catching snakes since childhood. He was bitten on the leg while catching a snake. However, he did not lose heart and caught the snake and locked it in a box. Suraj along with his brother traveled 30 kilometers on a bike to take the boxed snake to the emergency department of the district divisional hospital.

The doctor gave an anti-venom injection

He told the whole thing to the doctor and said that he had bitten me. Then he took it out of the box and showed it to the snake. Seeing all this panic spread among the doctors. Patients also started panicking. The doctor immediately gave Suraj an injection of anti-venom. After which he kept the snake in a box. Only then did the doctor and the patient breathe a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, crowds of people gathered to see the snake. Suraj said that he was bitten by a snake. He caught the snake, put it in a box and brought it to the hospital. He was given an injection of anti-venom and is now fine.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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