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What will happen to Warren Buffett’s wealth worth Rs 10 lakh crore after his death? it has been revealed

Sagar Patel

By Sagar Patel

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Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett, who is included among the top 10 billionaires in the world and has more wealth than even India’s richest person Mukesh Ambani, has made a big revelation. Warren Buffett, who turned 93, has informed what will happen to his property worth about Rs 10 lakh crore ($128 billion) after his death.

Warren Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, has a business worth billions of dollars. He is an investor in many of the world’s largest companies and gave away more than half of his wealth in 2006. In addition, he has recently made changes to his will.

What happens to property after death?

When Warren Buffett first made his will, he donated his property to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was founded by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates. Although the two are no longer husband and wife, they take great care of the foundation’s work. This foundation works for underprivileged people.

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Now Warren Buffett said in a recent interview that he has amended his will several times. This time, in the amendment, he transferred his property to his children’s charitable trust. His children run a charitable trust and now Warren Buffett’s property will go to this trust after his death.

Things to learn from Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett has told the world how money can be made by starting with small savings and investing in the right company, mutual fund, and business. So much money can be generated that a person becomes a multimillionaire. In such a situation, a lot can be learned from the changes in his will.

This decision by Warren Buffett teaches that the aging generation should make their will at the right time. Otherwise, this property may lead to disputes between children after death. Like in Mukesh Ambani’s family, when his father died, the whole country and the world watched the story of his separation from his brother due to lack of a will.

Mukesh Ambani has therefore started handing over the reins of the business to the new generation. Mukesh Ambani can now focus solely on the succession plan after Anant Ambani’s marriage.

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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