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What really caused the death of more than 550 pilgrims in Mecca, heat stroke or other reasons

Ritul Pandey

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What really caused the death of more than 550 pilgrims in Mecca, heat stroke or other reasonsImage Credit Source: TV9Marathi

The pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, which is considered the largest pilgrimage for Muslim pilgrims around the world, has been affected by the heat and the number of deaths. The world is shocked by the death of more than 550 pilgrims in the scorching heat as the temperature in Mecca reached 52 degrees. This figure is extremely shocking. Therefore, the overall preparations of Saudi Arabia have been questioned. The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health has said that more than 2,700 pilgrims have fallen ill due to the heat wave, causing the death of citizens of various countries. So seeing so many deaths in the Haj pilgrimage, is only the extreme temperature responsible for this or are there some other reasons behind it.

Now know why so many deaths happened in Mecca Haj Whole world Questions are being asked. On Tuesday, Emirati officials clarified that only Egyptian citizens were among the dead. It is being said that they died due to heat wave. Most of the Egyptian pilgrims have died due to heat. Only one person died due to collision with the crowd. According to AFP news, the total number of citizens of different countries who died has reached 577.

Why did 550 pilgrims die in Mecca?

primary reason:

Rising temperatures are believed to be the biggest reason for Mecca’s death. Hajj pilgrimage has been affected by climate change due to global warming. A study in Saudi Arabia found that temperatures at religious sites are rising by 0.4 degrees Celsius per decade. According to the National Meteorological Department of the Saudi Arabian Emirates, the temperature at Mecca’s Grange Mosque reached 51.8 degrees Celsius on Monday. Last year, 240 pilgrims died during the pilgrimage. Most of them were citizens of Indonesia. This year, officials in Saudi Arabia urged people to use umbrellas, stay hydrated and protect themselves from the scorching heat. This year, about 18 lakh pilgrims participated in the Hajj pilgrimage, out of which 16 lakh came from abroad.

another reason:

There was another reason for the increased risk of deaths. This is the number of unregistered pilgrims here. Some people enter illegally because they cannot afford the more expensive Hajj visa process. They could not take advantage of the air-conditioned facility. So had to bear the scorching heat. Egyptian officials have blamed the increasing number of unregistered pilgrims for the increase in the number of deaths.

Saudi officials said hundreds of thousands of unregistered pilgrims were evacuated from Mecca ahead of the Hajj. Although citizens of other countries, including Indonesia and Iran, have also died, these countries are said to have not reported whether those deaths were actually related to heatstroke.

Third reason:

Unregistered pilgrims worsened the situation in the camp. Due to this many services have come to a standstill. Many people were left without food, water or air conditioning service and died from the heat, an official said.

Ritul Pandey

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