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What is Pappu Yadav’s strategy to woo Tejaswi or defeat Nitish, support Bima Bharti in Rupauli?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Rupauli by-election

The victory or loss of Bihar’s Rupauli assembly by-election may not affect the government, but the election has become a prestige issue for RJD and JDU. To maintain its dominance, the JDU has fielded an entire army of cabinet ministers, including CM Nitish Kumar, on the Rupauli seat vacated by Bima Bharti’s resignation. Bima Bharti, who left JDU and joined RJD, has united to make Bima Bharti victorious. Not only this, because of Bima Bharti, Pappu Yadav had to contest as an independent candidate, now he is trying hard to make this party win. In such a situation, the question is whether Pappu Yadav wants to indulge Tejashwi Yadav by supporting RJD candidate Bima Bharti or is there a plan to defeat Nitish and strengthen the Bharat alliance?

During the Lok Sabha elections, JDU MLA Bima Bharti bid adieu to the party and joined RJD and contested from Purnia parliamentary seat, but lost to independent Pappu Yadav. A by-election is being held on Rupauli seat, from where RJD has fielded Bima Bharti. JDU has gambled on Kaladhar Mandal. Apart from this, the contest has become interesting as LJP’s rebel Shankar Singh contested as an independent candidate. Bima Bharti has been elected MLA continuously since 2010, but is now trying her luck from RJD instead of JDU. In such a situation, JDU wants to win this seat at any cost and it has become a matter of prestige for CM Nitish Kumar.

A gathering of NDA leaders in Rupauli

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar arrived in Rupauli on Saturday along with Deputy Chief Minister Samrat Chaudhary along with a dozen ministers, including stalwarts like Pradhan Sanjay Jha, Lacey Singh, Dilip Jaiswal, Renu Devi, Vijay Choudhary, Education Minister Sunil Kumar, Sheila Mandal. Meanwhile all the ministers were seen trying to create political atmosphere by campaigning in favor of JDU candidate Kaladhar Mandal. Without naming Bhim, Nitish Kumar said that we have made someone MLA several times who does not know how to speak. Became a minister twice, but moved to another party due to temptation. Work to teach a lesson to such imposters in elections. Samrat Chaudhary also attacked Bima Bharti and said that what will not happen to his people, what will happen to the public.

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In the Rupauli assembly by-election, the JDU has entrusted the responsibility to big leaders at the panchayat level. JDU has formed 21 teams of its own leaders. They have been deployed in different areas keeping in mind the caste equation. From this it can be understood that JDU is trying to win Kaladhar Mandal at any cost. Rupauli seat is becoming a question of credibility for JDU and Nitish Kumar. That’s why she doesn’t want to leave any gap.

RJD is eyeing Rupauli seat

Also RJD wants to win this seat at any cost, for which all horses are open. RJD has appointed three different in-charges in all the panchayats of Rupauli seat. It also includes former MLAs, MLAs and MLCs and former MLCs. All of them have settled in those panchayats. RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav himself is holding the front and is constantly busy helping the people of Rupauli. Former Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav will campaign for Bima Bharati on Monday.

Pappu Yadav, who contested the Lok Sabha elections as an independent candidate from Purnia parliamentary seat against Bima Bharti, has forgotten all his qualms and came in support of Bima Bharti in the by-election of Rupauli assembly seat. Pappu Yadav said that the Congress has announced its support to RJD candidate Bima Bharti in the by-election and he is with the decision of the Congress party. However, after Pappu Yadav defeated Bima Bharti in the Lok Sabha Elections 2024, there was talk that Pappu Yadav might distance himself from the RJD candidate in this by-election. Bima Bharti got Pappu Yadav. It was only after this that it was decided that Pappu Yadav could support Bima Bharti in the by-elections.

Pappu Yadav doesn’t want Baahubali influence in Purnia

Pappu Yadav said that the by-election in Rupauli is being held for eight-nine months. In such a situation they will not allow an outsider at any cost. If a criminal from outside comes to Purnia area and decides who to vote and who not to vote, this is not acceptable to him in this life. Pappu Yadav is talking about Navgachia’s culprit and avoids naming him, but his reference is to the powerful JDU MLA. Pappu Yadav does not want the influence of any strongman in his area, that is why he has come out in support of Bima Bharti’s victory.

Pappu Yadav kills many birds with one stone

Pappu Yadav wants to kill many birds with one stone by supporting Bima Bharti in Rupauli assembly seat. After the victory, Pappu Yadav has joined the Congress. Congress and RJD have an alliance in Bihar. This is why Pappu Yadav has no political gain by opposing Bima Bharti, because if he opposes, JDU’s path may become easier. Pappu Yadav’s future is at risk if JDU wins. In such a situation, Pappu Yadav does not want to incur political losses in Bihar by opposing Bima Bharti in the by-elections. In an interview with Bima Bharti, it became clear that there was no more enmity between them.

Pappu does not want political enmity with the Lalu family

According to political analysts, it will not be easy for Pappu Yadav to remain in the Bharat coalition, opposing former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav. Pappu Yadav no longer wants to take the political rivalry with the Lalu family any further, as there are more losses than gains. It is believed to be a ploy to strengthen ties with RJD and Tejashwi Yadav by supporting Bima Bharti. Tejashwi Yadav’s time to come in Bihar and Pappu Yadav is an experienced leader. He knows that he is going to make peace with Tejashwi Yadav. There is no political space for him in JDU, so even defeating Bima Bharati will not help him. Only after doing all these calculations has Pappu Yadav announced his support to Bima Bharti.

Rupauli assembly constituency has the largest population of voters from the Gangota community. Bima Bharti hails from this society and JDU’s Kaladhar Mandal also hails from it. Mandal had contested as an independent last time, but could not win. Now trying luck again. If we look at the political equation of Rupauli seat, more than 90 percent of the people are voters from extremely backward castes, Dalits and minority communities. Since the RJD and JDU candidates are from the Gangot community, their votes are sure to be divided between the two candidates. In such a situation whoever succeeds in attracting the Dalit, minority and non-Gangot OBC votes is certain to win. Let’s see what is the political benefit of supporting Pappu Yadav’s Bima Bharti in Rupauli?

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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