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What is going on in Sharad Pawar’s ‘Ya’ by setting up fronts at 7 places, pulling ropes between people, marching?

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Maharashtra politicians are currently in a frenzy. The Lok Sabha elections in the country have been passed with a very narrow margin. Or assembly elections will be held in the next state after the election. Keeping in mind the victory and defeat in the Lok Sabha elections, every party makes every effort to correct what has happened. In such a situation, there are discussions about the possibility of Maha Vikas disintegrating. That is, how much truth there is in the discussions will become clear in the future. But there is information that Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar Sharad Pawar has started preparations for the assembly. Sharad Pawarani reviewed the 8 assembly constituencies of Punya Satya. Meanwhile, in the Satara District Assembly, 8 Paki 7 Jaga Pawar Gatanan Ladavvyat made this demand before the District Committee. So, what exactly does the Sharad Pawar group claim in Saat Jaganwar? The clothes you wear will be important.

Satara district has 8 assembly constituencies. It has been demanded that Karad Sodalyas, Satara, Koregaon, Man-Khatav, Phaltan, Waghai, Karad Uttar, Patan are constituencies of Sharad Pawar Gatala Mitawet. Prithviraj Chavan of Congress is MLA in Karad South from 8 assembly. BJP’s Shivendraraj Bhosle will contest in Satyayat, Mahesh Shinde will contest in Koregavat, Jayakumar Gor will contest in Man-Khatav, Deepak Chavan in Faltandhya, Makrand Patil in Vyat, Sharad Pawar will contest in Balasaheb Balasaheb, Deepak Chavan will contest in Karnataka. Shambhuraj Desai is an MLA from Patan Madhya Pradesh.

Jagavatpavaruna maviat pull the rope?

There were 7 seats in the National Assembly in the 2019 assembly. Meanwhile, the seventh seat contender Sharad Pawar and the incumbents are demanding the same. Only, that a decision will be taken at the senior level, said Satara district president of Congress, Suresh Jadhwani. Thackeray will seek to raise Jaganchi alongside Jinkalya Jagan in 2019, Gatache district president Harshad Kadamani said.

The Jagwatpavaruna of the Legislative Assembly began to pull the ropes? A question arises. There have been indirect signals from Sangli’s Jaganvarun Congress and Sharad Pawar’s party. Sharad Pawar comes to Satyarat and asks for 7 Jaganchis. Only, how much space one gets in future, will matter.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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