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What did Virat Kohli do? Who became a follower of Aamir Ali

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Aamir Ali and Virat Kohli

TV and film actor Aamir Ali recently worked with Indian cricket team veteran batsman Virat Kohli in an advertisement. Now he has spoken about his meeting with Virat and his conversation with him. He also revealed how Virat Kohli won Aamir’s heart with his one move.

Aamir Ali spoke to Galata India and during this he shared his experience of working with Virat. He said he wanted to get Virat Kohli’s autograph, but he hesitated and stopped only after taking the picture.

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Aamir Ali said, “Recently I met Virat during some shooting. I am a big fan of him and MS Dhoni. I was going to ask for his autograph, but then I just took a picture. I thought it would not be right to do so. But then he autographed the bat and sent it to me. He is a very good person. I had a very good conversation with him. “…

Ali was impressed by Virat Kohli’s statement

Aamir said that he talked to Virat about fitness and cricket. Aamir also said that Virat’s face lights up when he talks about his family. He said, “Virat and I had a good conversation. What I love most about him is that his face lights up when he talks about his family, which is so cute. This is what I liked most about it.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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