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West Bengal: Trains delayed after tragedy in Bengal, trains run 4 and 6 hours late at some places

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Commuters upset in West Bengal

Traveling by train in summer season feels like an English journey indeed. And in such a situation, if the train gets late it will be icing on the cake. Due to late trains passengers have to face a lot of trouble. The latest case has come from West Bengal. Here two trains were so late that the passengers were angry. The Howrah-Digha Kandari Express and the Barbil-Howrah Janashtabdi Express were delayed, leaving passengers to wait for hours at the station.

After the Kanchenjunga Express tragedy, questions are being raised about the role of the railways and now a big question mark has arisen on the passenger services as well. Two trains in West Bengal harassed passengers to their heart’s content. One train was 4 hours late and the other train was 6 hours late. The first case was the Howrah-Digha Kandari Express. Kandari Express leaves Howrah at 2:25 PM. Reach Digha at 5:50 pm.

The train is 4 hours late

The train again departs Digha at 6:25 PM and proceeds towards Howrah. Reach Howrah at 9:45. But that did not happen on Wednesday. It was around 11:45 pm when the train left Digha for Howrah. Somehow the train started moving but suddenly it stopped at Santaragachi. While doing this, the train was delayed by four and a half hours and reached Santaragachi station at around 2.30 pm. Due to such a delay of the train, there was a lot of anger among the passengers. Regular passengers of the line also said that delays of three to four hours have now become a daily occurrence for this train.

People were outraged

On the other hand, the condition of Barbil-Howrah Janshatabdi Express is also similar. It was supposed to reach Howrah at 8:55 hrs. The train was 6 hours late and halted at Santaragachi after 2 am. Due to which many people were seen spending the night at the station with their families. When South-Eastern Railway was contacted about this, they said that this problem has arisen due to outage during down train or link train. The rescheduling of trains had already been notified. Well, whatever the reason, passengers had to face a lot of trouble due to the trains running so late.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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