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Wells submerged in Amalner, roof of house collapsed in Kalyan, rains turned torrential

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Wells drowned in Amalner, roof of a house collapsed in Kalyan

It is raining in some parts of Maharashtra and it is cloudy in some places. But in the places where it is raining, it is seen that the crops are getting destroyed. It has rained once again in Amalner taluka of Jalgaon. There has been a lot of damage due to rain in Javkheda, Aanchalwadi Shivara of Amalner. Rain water has accumulated in many fields. Water ponds have formed in the fields. In some areas, many acres of fields have been washed away. In some places, drains are overflowing. Along with this, the wells of the fields have also filled up to the ground level. These wells are filled with so much water that the well itself seems to be submerged in water. So has the rain really become a curse or what? Such thoughts are now coming in the minds of the farmers.

Heavy rains occurred in Javkheda, Anchalwadi village in the west of Amalner taluka. Water is flowing from the culvert built on the drain outside the village gate near the Gram Panchayat in Javkheda. In such a situation, it has now become difficult to enter the village. Crops were sown and grown. But due to heavy rains, the crops were washed away. Not only crops, some soil of the field was also washed away. This has caused huge losses to the farmers. 189.51 mm of rain has been recorded in the taluka till June 28.

The roof of a house collapsed in Kalyan

This fierce form of rain is also seen in Kalyan city of Thane district. Due to rain, the roof of a house collapsed in a chawl in Kalyan East Lokgram area. The incident is from Jayprakash Nagar area of ​​Kalyan East. The roof of the house collapsed due to rain. Four members of the family were injured due to this. The victim family was sleeping at home in the afternoon when the roof of the house collapsed on them. A 13-year-old boy is also among the injured. Two children were slightly injured.

Meanwhile, Kalyan Dombivali received rain this afternoon. There were incidents of waterlogging at many places. There was heavy waterlogging at Durgadi Chowk in Kalyan and Chakkinaka Chowk in Kalyan East. In such a situation, the drivers had to drive through this water. Due to the rain since morning, four people were injured when the roof of a house collapsed in Kalyan Kolshewadi in Lokgram area. Students suffered a lot due to rain in Mharal village of Kalyan taluka.

Students coming out of school in the evening have to pass through knee-deep water. The roads built by the Gram Panchayat in Mharal village are incomplete. Apart from this, the canals built here are narrow. Therefore, it is being said that due to lack of drainage of rain water, all this water is accumulating in Mharal village. Due to two to three hours of rain in the afternoon, life became disrupted at many places.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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