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Wedding weekend of serial ‘Antarpat’; First time in Marathi television world…

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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The wedding track is going on in the serial ‘Antarpat’ on Colors Marathi channel. In this serial, the grand week of Gautami and Kshitij’s wedding is shown. The new serial ‘Antarpat’ is being liked by the audience a lot. Currently, the traditional wedding ceremony of Gautami and Kshitij is going on in this serial. The special attraction of this wedding ceremony is the traditional folk music of Maharashtra. For the first time in the world of Marathi television, a unique view of Maharashtra’s folk music has been presented during the traditional wedding ceremony in the serial ‘Antarpat’. This wedding ceremony of Gautami and Kshitij, which brings the fragrance of Maharashtra’s folk music, can be seen in the serial ‘Antarpat’.

This will be Gautami-Kshitij’s wedding!

Gautami-Kshitij’s wedding ceremony has been decorated with various things. Gautami wanted her wedding ceremony to be very traditional in this era of pomp and show. Gautami insisted on decorating this most important day of her life in a unique way and according to her wish, this wedding of Gautami-Kshitij is being done in a very grand manner. This wedding ceremony has been decorated with Marathi music and folk traditions.

Nowadays, in weddings, we can see halls decorated with glittering lights, in the name of trending, different types of weddings are being done. But in all this glitz, the tradition and cultural pride of Maharashtra is being sidelined. But the ‘Antarpaat’ series is highlighting this past pride of Maharashtra on the occasion of this wedding ceremony.

Something that will be seen for the first time…

In the wedding of Kshitij and Gautami, guests are entertained through folk art without any pretense. ‘Dadla Nako Gan Bai’ includes songs like Bharud, ‘Dharila Pandhricha Chor’. The songs sung by Shahir Sable have made a special place in the hearts of the audience. There used to be a coordination of Maratha tradition and folk art in wedding ceremonies.. but today it is disappearing.

In this series, an attempt has been made to convey this rich heritage of Marathi culture to the audience through folk art. Actors Rashmi Anpat and Akshay Dhage of the serial ‘Antarpat’ are entertaining the audience with their acting. Traditional costumes make the wedding ceremony more attractive with their roles.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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