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‘We lost because we missed’, Ajit Pawar’s first reaction to the media

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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After meeting with all NCP MLAs, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar reacted to the media. On this occasion, Ajit Pawar appeared in front of the media for the first time after the results of the Lok Sabha elections. This time he has reacted to the defeat in the Lok Sabha elections. He said, “NDA has managed to get a majority. We are not very satisfied with the result. I accept full responsibility for this result. Because this is a vote given by the public. We have to accept that we have failed somewhere in gaining the trust of the public. Ajit Pawar said, I myself have accepted the responsibility for whatever failure has happened.

“We called everyone because we had a meeting with some top leaders this morning. All the ministers were present in this meeting, Praful Patel, Sunil Tatkare, Ramraje Nimbalkar and all of us were sitting. We have called all our MLAs together this evening. Some of them could not come due to their difficulties. Baba Atram has undergone an operation. He could not come due to some tragic incident. But those who could not come also contacted over the phone”, Ajit Pawar said.

‘I myself am surprised by the results of Baramati’

He said, “Who is trying to give continuous news in the media, some of our opponents are saying that they contacted, they contacted. Nothing like this happened. All the NCP MLAs are with us. This very clear picture has been seen today. Of course, whatever the opponents say is their right. I do not want to talk about other people. But Kaul of Baramati is also Kaul, I myself am surprised by the result. I do not even understand that I have been working there for many years. Baramatikars have always supported me. Why did they not support me this time, leave the rest of the constituencies aside”, Ajit Pawar said.

“Ultimately, people have their vote, and that vote must be accepted in a democracy. One has to go to the people again without any hope. I always tell the workers not to be afraid of success and not to be disappointed by failure. Again everyone has decided to face the upcoming election in a few months with new hope. Obviously, we have a mahagathbandhan, we will discuss with those who are prominent in this mahagathbandhan and share seats”, Ajit Pawar said.

Ajit Pawar told the reason for the defeat

He said, “We realized where we went wrong during the last Lok Sabha debate. By this time we had realized that the Muslim community had distanced itself from us. The opposition ran a campaign to change the Constitution. The backward class society gave little or no response to that campaign. The opposition was successful in spreading such propaganda in the backward class society. The reservation issue was also a reason. In Marathwada, not a single seat could come to the Mahagathbandhan except Sambhajinagar seat. After seeing the results and discussing with the MLAs, many such things came to light”, Ajit Pawar said.

“We will be keen to take the notes that we need to take from this, which will lead us to take some decisions. We have been affected by these two-three things. People are people. We have accepted the humble vote that the public has given. We will sacrifice our lives to regain their lost faith in us”, Ajit Pawar said.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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